Jun 172018

There are 53 players on the team.  A source close to the players told CBS News fewer than 10 players (9?) committed to attending the White House event. So 44, that’s 83%, cancelled their visit when they refused to accept the invitation of the president to visit him in the White House. Now many are lying and wrongly saying the president cancelled the visit. When 83% cancel the visit it’s a lie to claim the president cancelled the team visit.

Torrey Smith, who has previously criticised the president as sexist and racist and who refused the honor offered by the president who is neither racist, sexist or hating like Smith and who said disinviting his team mates was “cowardly”. Smith refused to say it to the president’s face when he could have. He refused to go to see the president so Smith is the real coward here.

The mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, lashed out at the president for withholding the honour, saying he was “proud of the Eagles’ activism off the field. Kinney should ask them to visit him at City Hall then inform that only the players who wanted to visit the president could come. Why should Americans be proud of players who disrespect the president?

”Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, on Tuesday accused the Eagles of orchestrating “a political stunt” and informing the White House of their much-reduced delegation “at the eleventh hour” to embarrass the president.

Now the Eagles are lying. Throw cabbages at them if you see them. Stay away from the stadium. refuse to watch them on TV. tell them to go play football in Russia or Cuba which is where they belong.