May 172018

Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia is one crazy street and it could be the design used by nature for Meghan Markle’s family. They are one crazy bunch of people. Meghan got all of the best features of her families…. There are more than one or two so Prince Harry  and the rest of the Royals will have their hands full if they have to deal with them. Looks like they won’t have to unless their luck runs out. A big question about Harry’s father is: “Who is James Hewitt, did he have an affair with Princess Diana (yes!) and is he Prince Harry’s father?” (No!) even though Harry sure resembles Hewitt more than he resembles Prince Charles. 

The whole basis of Harry/Meghan’s relationship seems to be purely physical; unsurprising considering Meghan has dated a porn star and she’s so shallow that she’d rather invite celebrities (whom she hardly knows) to her wedding than the perfectly respectable diplomat uncle who gave Meghan her first job. Markle’s father has been divorced twice. Her mother has been divorced once. Her half-sister has contracted two failed marriages. And then there’s her half-brother, a divorced alcoholic, who has charged with holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head in 2017.

Her sister is in a Florida hospital after being in a car wreck with her female partner. Meghan was 23 years-old when she met her now ex-husband 26 year old Trevor Engleson who is not British and is from Long Island. Their marriage didn’t last two years.

Meghan’s violent half-brother Thomas, in his occasional lucid moments, has greater insight than the MSM does about these nuptials. In an open letter to Prince Harry, since retracted, he wrote that this is “the biggest mistake in royal wedding history” .

Her father Tom Markle can’t make the wedding because of his heart, … or something. Her mother Doria Ragland is black and her father is not.  Doria is in England and Tom is not. There is a growing body of evidence that mixed-race children have elevated levels of mental instability, in comparison to monoracial children.

Ann Witticombe said about Meghan: ““I think she’s trouble”

Harry, of course, has shown himself to be an embarrassing risk-taker: the nude photos, the drug taking, the Nazi uniform worn to a costume party when he was 20.  Meghan is as normal as nature with all of the best genes joined together. She’a one lucky lady because  she escaped many of the Ridge Avenue effects of the rest of her families.