The Florida International University is completely diverse. That’s it’s objective. That’s why its bridge was fatal.

You can see the bridge collapse beginning on the left side of the video HERE.
Wasn’t that damn inconvenient.
It’s a crappy design because the web that was supposed to join the upper and lower members was far too thin to do the job. If Steel bridges were designed this way in the beginning steel bridges would never have been built because they would all fall down like the Florida diversity hire bridge. A diverse incompetent bunch designed the bridge and set the deadly policy at  

Government failure is everywhere. Failure at every level was all over the Florida, including the Douglas-High shooting that was first blamed on the NRA, not Nikolas Cruz the shooter. Not uncharacteristically, one offending officer, Scot Petersen, has been rewarded with retirement, not punishment, for dereliction of duty during the massacre. It spawned a small teenager with a triangle shaped face that doesn’t know enough to learn what he’s talking about before he speaks.

Munilla Construction Management, the South Florida green construction firm that is: ” a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is proud to employ a significant number of LEED Accredited Professionals” which gave us the Florida International University Bridge is a model diversity company but apparently not a good bridge design company because diversity first isn’t a good way to design anything except an incompetent group. There was a dedication plaque on the bridge to the minority women who built it,….. of course..
Can the concrete be recycled? What about the other green projects this incompetent diverse company has built? Better make sure they are all checked for faulty design.