Jan 042018

My fathers favorite cousin passed away 10 years ago at 89. I wasn’t his favorite by a lot. He became a flaming Liberal, Socialist, Left-Winger which caused our differences which became so pronounced I had to tell him to stop sending me his monthly ‘Poker Newsletter’ which he used to smuggle socialist propaganda into the minds of unsuspecting readers.  He especially hated George H.W. Bush according to his obit. He also hated the free market as well as Capitalism.

He was the weather briefer for General Eisenhower on D-Day, the Invasion of Europe by America.

Cornell appointed him the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1962-1964), Dean of the Graduate School (1964-1973) and Vice President for Research from 1969-1983.

He was a very smart, well-educated man but…. he was a flaming Liberal who rebelled against individual liberty and in every Poker Newsletter he commented positively about some Left-wing or Liberal issue and every time he did it I replied and pointed out his left-of-center stance. He became so against my ideas that I finally told him to remove my name from his Poker Newsletter because it didn’t do anything except cause arguments between us.

Nevertheless, he was my first-cousin-once-removed.