Nov 122017

Going backwards from Donna Brazile’s book: “Hacks” the inside story of the Break-Ins and BreakDowns that put Donald Trump In the White House”…. to the third world criminal-political mind of Satan’s spawn Hillary Clinton Hillary is too awful to live on earth. Even though she’s whip smart, she belongs under everything including the bottom of the oceans.
Crazile by the way gave Hillary answers to two of the Presidential Debate Questions for which Brazile was fired. No paragon of virtue there.
Clarice Feldman has written a series of articles that are published on American Thinker about Hillary. They reveal a thoroughly awful person who doesn’t deserve to be walking our streets and Clarice doesn’t go back to Hillary’s antics in Arkansas or her notorious firing of Billy Dale and the White House Travel Office so Hillary could give the White House Travel business and the lucrative commissions to her girlfriend and her husband. The woman is positively and insanely criminal.

She and her husband Bill are grifter criminals of the first order.
Hillary was involved with the Russian Dossier along with Podesta and loads of sneaky Democrat Liberals who have no honor. Like criminals their criminal minds know of no other way to think.