It’s just a symbol. 

What is it a symbol of? In the case of the American flag, everything good; everything great, everything exceptional about America. The American flag, our flag is important for the emotion it evokes.

Our flag is our belief that America is exceptional, a solid, well-considered nation above other nations because of our unique purpose and pride in each individual.

The pillars of the Western World are the pillars of Individual Liberty which in turn is based on the truths of science and the system of Capitalism. America is not great because we vote. Many nations and cultures vote. None vote as free people with a political system based on the individual. 

An emotion is an automatic response triggered in your sub-conscious that summarizes all of your values and virtues. Emotions are not our enemies, they are our means of enjoying life. But they are not our guide; the guide is your mind. This relationship cannot be reversed,

If an individual is guided by his emotions. like the kneelers, who use their minds only to rationalize or justify their behaviors, them somehow—they he is acting immorally; condemning himself to misery, failure, defeat, and he will achieve nothing but destruction—his own and that of others.