America’s Unemployment rate is 11.4 per cent, not the 8.1% that Obama told us about. The real unemployment rate includes all people who are, ….  unemployed. The baloney Obama un-employment rate doesn’t include unemployed people who have not been able to find a job and who have just given up trying. They are still there. They are still unemployed. Obama just decided to not count them because they make his lousy programs look worse then he wants.  That shows the absolute baloney of the Obama Administration. Obama’s failed policies are driving America  further back into recession. He is preventing a recovery.  Obama want’s to punish Americans so why would he do things to help? Here’s what the #$%^ wants: another recession, fewer  jobs, negative job growth.higher government spending and the government takeover of not only the auto industry, the coal fields, the oil wells, the oil drilling companies the price of gasoline and the medical industry, but everything else he can control. That’s the only way to explain his ruinous economic programs. Doing nothing would have been far better than doing harm. He acts like the avenger sent to hurt the white race. Oh, wait. that’s not polite. Just because he set up “African Americans for Obama” instead of Americans for Obama  we have to ignore what he meant and say he is a good man who just follows bad ideas. No. He’s smart, educated and wealthy. He knows what he’s doing. He’s on the wrong track.

In America we know it’s wrong to try to seperate the races. Black Nationalism is one of the government policies of some African Nations. Lets keep it out of America. Americans pay to see athletes and don’t care a wit about their race. Americans elected Obama because they believed his message, not because he was black. Sure some black people see only Obama’s skin color but we know that’s not the way Americans feel. Meanwhile Obama has to be stopped from hurting America. He needs to be stopped  from increasing Taxes, from Expanding Regulations and from Increasing the Cost of Government. Americans are being screwed by the Obama adminstration and it’s time to Wake Up and stop the guy.

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