The final vote was 134 to 63 for Pelosi, but if 36 more Representatives voted against her Tim Ryan would have won 99 to 98.

Yep, the Democrats think they still know how to win elections: lie, demean, denigrate, intimidate, and cheat. That formula just isn’t working so very well. And consider how dumb the House Democrats are; they just reelected the same person who amusingly said, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it” — referring to Obamacare. Sorry, but what collection of idiots would retain this person as their “leader?”

The state of denial of the Democrat Party is unconscionable. And what Rep. Tim Ryan was saying is absolutely true: the Democrat Party has become a bi-coastal, elite party.

The progressive socialists of the left just don’t get what’s happening. They’re out of touch with America. Matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic. Like Megyn Kelly, another don’t get it Liberal. The Roman Catholic church is pro-traditional marriage and against abortion… anyone asked Nancy Pelosi’s priest any questions?

Look at what’s happened in Indiana with those 1,000 employees at Carrier — their plant isn’t relocating to Mexico, thanks to the President-elect Donald Trump, …..not the whining sitting president who blames Fox News for his failures. The sitting president, Barack Obama, did nothing to help these Americans keep their jobs. And you know why? Because he has no relation to them, and actually would prefer them to be out of work and become dependent on government largesse in order to survive. But that’s not what real Americans want — a government participation trophy — they want to earn their way. However, from the perspective of the progressive socialist elites who “know” what is best for everyone, Trump got it wrong.
Yeah. And the moon has a man in it.. .

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