Romney ran for the highest office in the world and came in second. He’s Republican Establishment. He can stand up to Vladimir Putin. There’s nothing wrong with Romney and lots that’s great about him. Many republicans voted for him when he ran for President. He would represent America far better than Kerry or Hillary.

Sec State is a high-risk assignment for Romney. Trump may not take his advice or Romney might not like being told what to do and say by President Trump. Romney could be fired or he might have to resign in protest. It shows hos deep Romney is that he’s gone this far with Trump and it reflects well on both of these seasoned managers and leaders that they are apparently willing to keep going on this issue. That’s great for America and the rest of the world.
RushLimbaugh reminded listeners of the unprecedented and unorthodox nature of a Trump presidency, which makes it hard to predict his next move.

“What we do know,” he said “is that basically throw out everything you think you know about insider politics with the Trump transition and Trump and the presidency and the presidential-elect position here because he’s exactly opposite of that and that’s why he got elected.”

Rush isn’t a supporter of Romney but Rush isn’t Trump. Trump knows people far better than Limbaugh.

“I remember what Romney said about Trump, and it was stuff you can’t take back. It was personal.

“The position of secretary of state is essential to representing and executing the president’s foreign policy, Limbaugh argued, and should not be taken lightly.

“I mean, it’s a serious position—the secretary of state is the president’s representative to every foreign government with whom we have relations and even our enemies around the world,” he continued. “The president can’t talk to them all, for protocol and a number of other reasons. The secretary of state has to carry out the policies of the president of the United States. That, to me, is the only criteria.” Here’s hoping it’s not the only criteria for Trump.

“Choosing Mitt Romney as secretary of State would send a signal of reassurance and resolve to our allies abroad, and would be welcomed by many Republicans as well as Democrats in the Senate and House. Romney would be one of the most highly qualified candidates for any seat in the Cabinet of any president, and would be particularly valuable for America during the presidency of Donald Trump because of his knowledge of the world, experience and policy depth.

“The most important benefit of selecting Romney is that a Romney appointment would suggest that Trump understands the need to unify and reassure our European allies, and send a signal of strength to Putin that the next president would be well advised to send.

Remember, both men were engaged in a Presidential Campaign. Things were said but that was yesterday. Like the morning after a binge, the sky looks a lot more blue. Time to appoint the best person for the job. hands down most people would agree that’s Romney.

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