In 96, 90 hours the election is over and the results will be in. Trump by a landslide.

Even if it’s Trump in the Electoral College by one vote, it’s a phenomenal landslide given the howling Left’s incessant drumbeat of how Trump can’t win. From Addis Abbaba to Whioppie, the world has been a whirlpool of madness over Trump who has no criminality in his history while scandal has dogged Hillary since she said in October 1947 when she was born her mother named her after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to scale Everest six years later in May 1953. That means until she was six years old she didn’t have a first name.

Trump won big in the primaries –

Many of the polls are biased. Democrats have been using Poll Flagging, a technique to distory the poll results,HERE.

Hillary may win as few as five states in the Electoral College.
Hillary is and has been corrupt. The American people will not elect such a person.


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