The Prez; our Prez, said Black Music Is Not Black Music.
Who knew?
Certainly not the people in the tent on the lawn

The president said the White House is the ‘People’s House,’ so it makes sense that it reflect the diversity, imagination and ingenuity of the American people.
But the invitees weren’t diverse.

Consider: Jill Scott opened with a booming version of her hit Run Run Run and show also featured performances by Usher, The Roots, Bell Biv DeVoe, Janelle Monae, De La Soul and Yolanda Adams. Prominantly in attendence were: actors Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy and Angela Bassett.

Mr Obama said that, although much of the music being performed at Friday’s taping ‘is rooted in the African-American experience, it’s not just black music. It’s an essential part of the American experience.

Sure, we get it. He had to say that so people wouldn’t believe their lyin’ eyes and judge the attendees through Obama’s Race-Centric eyes. Even the orchestra was racially unbalanced. 



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