Possessed of a set of attributes that limited his intellectual abilities Obama has made the world a more dangerous place by his utter inability to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.

Diplomacy is not hard. To get you must give and to give you must get. Government can and does create fictitious problems much easier than civilians can and the phony problems lead to meaningless concessions so a deal can be struck. Unless one party is too dumb to use problems and too stubborn to give to get. Obama has proven to be inept at many things including his lack of negotiating skills. He’s what’s called a bully thinker. Either he gets his way or he leaves the game. That works with race where the deck is purposely stacked so black people win but with Putin there’s no race problem so Obama lost and now Putin is running the show in Syria with no opposition.

As Trump has proven, NATO has poor leaders. Putin rolled up NATO, took Crimea from Ukraine without opposition as easily as Hitler took Czechoslovakia, the Low Countries, France, Austria and Poland. Hillary is hated by European leaders so right now NATO need Trump to counter Putin. .

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