The CDC claims 6,500 cases of leprosy in America.
A Trojan Horse study reported by The Daily Mail last year found  armadillos are the only non-human creatures that can carry the bacteria that cause leprosy. The study, conducted by Dr Richard W. Truman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, linked 30-40 cases of leprosy in the U.S. to armadillos.
Subtraction shows that 6,500 minus 40 equals 6,460 cases of leprosy not caused by armadillos. The disease is caused by two different types of bacteria: Mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium lepromatosis. From where did the leprosy bacteria come to Riverside, California, a county close to the border with Mexico??

From WHO: pockets of high endemicity still remain in some foci in Angola, Brazil, the Central African Republic, India, Madagascar, Nepal and the United Republic of Tanzania and in previously highly endemic countries, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique.

An individual can be tested for leprosy. The 2 part test requires a skin biopsy and an injection.

A lepromin skin test is performed by injecting a small sample of inactivated M. leprae under your skin. The term “inactivated” means that the bacterium isn’t able to cause infection. The bacterium is usually injected into the forearm. A small lump will form at the injection site, indicating that the correct amount of bacterium has been injected at the correct depth in the skin for the test to be effective.

You’ll need to be examined three days after the injection to see if you’ve had a reaction to the bacterium. If no reaction occurs, you’ll need to be examined again in 28 days. Specific reactions at the injection site indicate certain types of leprosy. If your biopsy and skin test indicate that you have any form of leprosy, your doctor will most likely prescribe the antibiotics dapsone, rifampin, and clofazimine, which you may have to take for months or even years to treat the disease.

But the report about the two cases in the elementary school in Jurupa Unified School District, Riverside County, California only mentioned the school was “washed”. Did that mean the school was disinfected?

Who were the two elementary school children who were confirmed with the unconfirmed cases of leprosy? Where were they born? Why all the mystery?

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