How could America twice elect Obama as President when he really hates America? Proof?
Instead of supporting The National Anthem, he supports that goofy 49ers quarterback who refuses to stand during it’s playing.

Why doesn’t Obama support the National Anthem? Because he doesn’t respect America. Obama is a first class phony. Has been all of his life as he’s more conflicted than the U.S. and Russia. President Duterte of the Philippines called Obama the “son of a whore”, which is false in the true sense but true in the sense that’s Obama a shallow thinking man mor eprone to be wrong.

Obama had a white mother and a black father, same as the 49ers guy so one wonders if racial solidarity is at work in Obama’s comments. Obama is old enough to be the 49er guy’s father so he should be able to bring some mature thinking to the situation but Obama is more successful dividing people and this is just another example of a mind more at ease creating dissent than agreement.

What’s next? Obama burns some American flags? Paints the White House some other color? Changes the name of America to the Divided States of America?

A grateful America will celebrate when Obama’s term ands and he is no longer President.  

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