Shouting Allahu Akbar, the Islamic terrorists, motivated by nonsense murdered almost 3,000 innocents in the most cowardly barbaric act since civilization began. See the 9/11 museum at Ground Zero for proof. Proof of their cowardice and their foolish hearts. What motivated them?

Basic Islam? Or some convoluted version of a massively popular set of religious belief’s? Or something else?

Something else.

Islam does not preach cowardice. Nothing does that. But the 9/11 terrorists supposedly shouted Allahu Akbar as they and others like them destroy themselves supposedly following the great preaching of their prophet. If 9/11 proves anything, it proves the terrorists were misguided cowards. If it was Islam they were following that beautiful late summer day, they disgraced Islam.

Danial Pipes wrote that it is reported that the Muslim world had experienced more than eighty years of “humiliation and disgrace” which they blame on America. Why do they believe that? Why are they so angry?

Their anger is deeply rooted in the past success of Islam. Muslims had power, wealth, and global achievements. Today they look around and see that they have been eclipsed by America, Israel, Europe and Christianity but instead of working to get better they blame someone and something else.

No religion is against labor for pay. that’s how the entire Western world has been operating for several centuries and that’s why the West has eclipsed the Middle East. If it weren’t for the West’s need for oil, the entire Middle East would have died out.

The 9/11 museum and the new big building built on the site of the twin towers shows the superiority of the Western model. Fifteen years after the cowardly attacks against innocent people, America and the rest of the world can see how shriveled up the doctrines and belief’s that caused 9/11 really are. All the 9/11 terrorists could accomplish is the murder of 2,996 innocent individuals which includes some innocent Moslims. How humiliating can the culture of Islam when some followers use it to justify murder including some of it’s own in addition to murdering innocent others?

These people are not fit to live in this world. As Virgil wrote:
“No Day Shall Erase Your Name From the Memory Of Time”.

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