She sold access to the American government for cash. The Clinton Foundation collected the funds from foreign leaders and it was used
Four paychecks for Huma Abidin while she was working for Dept of State. The Clinton Foundation fund raising was tied into Hillary’s job as Secretary of State according to “Clinton Cash” and numerous other sources. The corruption is staggering.

Charles Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation Not a Charity, “It Was Headquarters Of Clinton Inc.” During State Department Tenure.
People were coming in and out of the foundation. They were giving their cronies, their lackeys jobs there, holding operation.

“They had $50 million in travel expenses, and this is supposed to be a charity. It was not a charity. It was a sort of headquarters of Clinton Inc., and the fact that they did not draw a strict line between State Department and the foundation is, to me, astonishing not because it’s quite politically amoral, but because it is so stupid. It’s so easy to discover and, in the end, so distasteful that if you know you’re going to run for the presidency, which I assume she did, then it makes no sense. But they did it.

A Political Prostitute, –worse than any lesser vice she has means Hillary should have been indicted long, long ago and whatever deals she has made with Obama to build his library or appoint his friends and relatives is insignificant compared to what this world class political bimbo has already done.

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