Courier Times columnist J.D. Mullane wrote about the Archbishops ridiculous “Order” to divorced and re-married Roman Catholics that they must live as “brother and sister” if they want to receive holy communion. Mullane agrees.

He wrote: “Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has issued pastoral guidelines advising that divorced and civilly remarried Catholics cannot receive Holy Communion unless they refrain from sex and live as “brother and sister.”

The Archbishop cannot know of what he speaks. He’s never been in a sexual relationship with a woman, let alone a wife. He’s never been in a healthy sexual relationship at all because he has vowed never to have sexual relations. He’s foolishly denied his own nature.

Being familiar with but being hostile to catholic teaching comes from thinking about the sixteen years spent studying and learning catholic doctrine in catholic schools and decades of rejecting the false teachings of catholicism. Mullane and Chaput could benefit from understanding the sex drive is the most powerful human drive. It impacts human life almost from the cradle to the grave and in terms that Mullane and Chaput can grasp, it was put there by God. Who are they to question what God did?

A brother and sister share the same parents. Divorced and re-married couples have different parents. It’s impossible to make them into brother ans sister. The bishop knows that but he want’s to stop divorce by penalizing it. His problem is he’s done it in defiance to the created nature of men and women. He can’t win that battle.

Sometimes incompatible people get married. Divorce is a way to repair each of them. Re-marrying can help that but people can stay married but separated and can live happy, successful lives with a different spouse. they don’t have to get a divorce, they can stay married and they can have sex and confess that so-called sin, get absolution, receive communion and meet the criteria for good catholics. Mullane would say they are living an unchaste life.

Yes, but they are forgiven by confession. If they get a divorce from their first spouse the archbishop would tell them they cannot receive communion —so what? If they fall in love and have sex they can never get married again in the catholic church so it should make no difference to Chaput or Mullane because the couple were kicked out of the church when they divorced. So what?

Being technical, they can still get to heaven by being sorry. the church is clear enough about sorrow and it’s therapeutic benefits

Mullane wrote so he must agree; “Same with sex. If you don’t control your appetites, your appetites control you.” He then asks: “Who is obsessed with sex? Not the Church.”

But both Mullane and Chaput brought up sex.

Being chaste for a priest is impossible because the brain won’t allow it. The brain forces the production of testorone which production must be released vis sex or via “wet dreams”. Neither will release the brain which produces more and more testosterone driving the body towards more and more sex. A sex-obsessed priest is normal so Mullane is wrong from the start. Priests are very much sex-obsessed because God made them so.

Plus Mulland is also sex-obsessed. He’s in his mid years. He’s in love with a woman whom he married and by which they have several children which confirms the claim that he is sexual which means according to the sex drive installed into him bu his God, he thinks about sex just about all of the time. In other words he’s normal and in other words, he’s sex-obsessed.

Why does he deny it? Because he swallowed the kool-aid taught by Chaput and his minions. He’s sex-obsessed and that’s normal.

What’s crazy is to deny the sex-drive. That’s why Chaputs ideas are crazy. Being kind he can be said to be naieve. Being accurate he knows what he saying and teaching is wrong but he’s doing it in spite of that. That’s crazy too.

Can someone be twice as crazy as crazy? Sure. Look at Chaput and Mullane. They know the are acting crazy and they keep it up. Crazy twice. Two crazy guys.

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