Hillary has the moral code of a criminal. She also is in her self-constructed fantasy world that operates outside a normal moral system.

A moral code is the set of principles a person uses to decide whether or not an action agrees with the code or not. Hillary’s moral code would be immoral for most people because most people follow the rules. Not Hillary. Hillary’s moral code is the equivalent of Bernie Madoff’s moral code that was designed to defraud people.

Hillary is a smug sociopath who led a treacherous State Department team that lied to the public about the deadly Benghazi, Libya, terror attacks, who lied and continues to lie about her Clinton Foundation bribe and favor-trading money machine, and who lied repeatedly about compromising U.S. secrets.

“False exculpatory statements, they are used for what?” Representative Tray Gowdy inquired of FBI Director James Comey.

Comey responded, “Either for the substantive prosecution or for evidence of intent in a criminal prosecution.”

“Exactly. Intent and consciousness of guilt, right? Is that right?” Gowdy asked. “Consciousness of guilt and intent. In your old job you would prove intent as you just referenced by showing the jury evidence of a complex scheme that was designed for the very purpose of concealing the public record, and you would be arguing in addition to concealment the destruction that you and I just talked about, or certainly the failure to preserve. Would you argue all that under heading of content–intent. You would also be arguing the pervasiveness of the scheme, when it started, when it ended and number of emails, whether they were originally classified or up-classified, you would argue all of that under the heading of intent. You would also probably under common scheme or plan argue the burn bags of daily calendar entries or the missing daily calendar entries as a common scheme or plan to conceal. Two days ago, director, you said a reasonable person in her should have known a private email is no place to send and receive classified information. You’re right.”
“An average person does know not to do that. This is no average person,” Gowdy said. “This is a former first lady, a former United States senator, and a former secretary of state that the president now contends is the most competent, qualified person to be president since Jefferson. He didn’t say that in ’08 but he says it now. She affirmatively rejected efforts to give her a state.gov account. She kept these private emails for almost two years and only turned them over to Congress because we found out she had a private email account.”
He continued, “So you have a rogue email system set up before she took the oath of office. Thousands of what we now know to be classified emails, some of which were classified at the time. One of her more frequent email comrades was in fact hacked, and you don’t know whether or not she was. And this scheme took place over a long period of time and resulted in the destruction of public records yet you say there is insufficient evidence of intent.”

“And my real fear is this, this is what [Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)] touched upon, this double tracked justice system that if you are a private in the Army and you email yourself classified information, you will be kicked out but if you are Hillary Clinton and you seek a promotion to commander-in-chief, you will not be,” Gowdy concluded. “So what I hope you can do today is help the average person, the reasonable person you made reference to, the reasonable person understand, why she appears to be treated differently than the rest of us would be.”

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