Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey painted a devastating picture of Hillary Clinton’s reckless lawbreaking with her emails and the damage it likely caused — but then recommended no charges against her. Why?

When it comes to the Clintons, say goodbye to the rule of law. Newt Gingrich said this about Bill Clinton: “He’s one of the most charming people I’ve ever known, he’s astonishingly brilliant, and there’s a screw loose.” Same for Hillary except for the charming. Hillary is like a brier patch. She’s more venal, more criminal and far less charming.

Lying, Cheating, Crooked Hillary Would Not Get A Top Secret Clearance based on the Gross Negligence, i.e., “Extreme Carelessness” standard of Federal Law said Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani said: “based on the Director of the FBI’s testimony today Hillary Clinton could not pass a security clearance”. Giuliani said she should resign because as President she would be un-able to get a clearance to see top secret materials.

What foreign government’s have copies of Hillary’s e-mails? Here are four possibilities.

Xi Jinping, the leader of China has a lot to do with Hillary’s success. He’s said he favors her for President so he can be expected to keep his mouth shut about Hillary’s e-mails that China has. He could have her defeated by releasing her e-mails. Same for the other three leaders of the nations that hate America.

The FBI failed to identify any of America’s enemies who hacked into any of Hillary’s e-mail servers. Yes, she had more than one. She used multiple phones, some of which were personal. Those phones were and are easy to hack into to get the State Department data she used on them.

The FBI failed to come up with any of the hacked e-mails but the FBI is responsible only for domestic cases. The Department of Homeland Security, the DHS is also responsible to investigate spying as is the CIA, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch who is as much in the tank for Hillary  and President Obama who want’s Hillary elected to succeed him. How corrupt are these agencies and people? Extremmely is we have been paying attention to the somersaults they have been doing to keep Hillary from being prosecuted to espionage against America.

Yes, espionage. She removed information from the government. That’s the gravamen of  the complaint against her. Intentional, accidental, innocently does not matter. The information was not secure; she made it so; that’s the violation of the Espionage act. She should be indicted. She should resign from the campaign.

Gingrich said that Obama and Clinton represent a “hardline left-wing view in which the problem is always America.”

He said that Donald Trump and Republicans need to figure out how to draw the contrast between the reality of terrorism and the “insanity of the Democrats.”

“Hillary Clinton and key aides are vulnerable to three felony charges and one misdemeanor count under the Espionage Act because of the unauthorized transfer of classified documents to her private email server”, former national security and law enforcement officials tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Statute of Limitations on the violations of 18 U.S.C. 793 ~Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information, ~ would permit Trump to prosecute Hillary if he is elected.

Plus, Clinton’s lawyers were given access to her e-mails but they lacked the top secret clearance needed to read them.

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