Janine diGiovanni wrote a block-buster report in her book that shows the enormous number of civilian’s murdered by the Assad Regimes, father and son, who are little more than animals fighting people who are even lower than them.

And where is the United Nations? Sitting on their safe seats in New York the nations of the world are terrible to sit by and nor intervene to bring an end to the senseless slaughter in Syria.

The wars in the Middle East and Africa prove animals who look like humans are out of the control of any human impulse. Janine diGiovanni writes of the tragedy in Syria where women, children, infants and even women whose pregnant bodies are hacked open before being bayoneted by inhuman men.

The Hama massacre in 1982 was started by the Muslim Brotherhood and finished by the president of Syria, Hafez Assad, Bashir’s father. The current death toll in Syria is over 450,000 and climbing. 

These are sick, savage dysfunctional human garbage as diGiovanni’s book shows. She was preceeded by another brave and very human woman, Oriana Fallachi. After September 11, 2001, Fallaci wrote three books critical of Islamic extremists and Islam in general, and warned Europe was “too tolerant of Muslims.” In “The Rage and the Pride” she wrote: “sons of Allah breed like rats” and in a Wall Street Journal interview in 2005, said that Europe was no longer Europe but “Eurabia”. The Rage and the Pride and The Force of Reason both became bestsellers.

“The Morning They Came For Us” continues what should be a series of reasons the Middle East needs to be started over.

Race out and buy this book as well as Falachi’s books. Only animals will protest.

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