Imagine $100 Million given to the Crooked Clinton Foundation and the Clinton International Initiative to talk about diarrhea in Africa. That’s been tho most vivid indicator of the so-called charity of the Clinton Gang of Three. They raised a crooked daughter and now that she’s 36 years old she should know better but she was raised by two of the most crooked people on the planet. The Clinton Gang of Three is hardwired for corruption. Kleptocracy, or government by theft, thrives. The Clinton Foundation is a Looting Machine.

Americans are being squeezed by two underclass’s and a corrupt crazy over-class. The underclasses are the people in poverty and the low-functioning criminal one. The Three Clinton’s use them in addition to their crooked mentalities to cage money from the Foreign Crooks.

Saudi Arabia has been a particularly generous benefactor to the Clinton Foundation, giving at least $10 million since 2001, according to foundation disclosures. At least $100 million more was “donated” to the Clinton Foundation by Friends of Saudi Arabia, co-founded by a Saudi Prince.

These are corrupt people, the three Clintons. The purpose of the Clinton Foundation is to weep in hundreds of millions for the benfit of the Clintons. Without their illicit Clinton Foundation there would be no Hillary campaign but it’s essentially dirty money made for the promise of influence upon the American government. The Clinton Foundation is a “Screw American Taxpayers” scheme.

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