He has some really, really dumb ideas and gave some bad advice that the students didn’t believe because they knew better. Obama’s against borders, thinking America shouldn’t keep out the Jihadists, the terrorists or the criminals. He also denied the good old says were good. The man is positively unable to control his mouth.

At black Howard University he told the black students not to accept they are black. Next he’ll tell the transgenders they are normal when it’s well established they need psychological interventions.
The American College of Pediatricians argued forcefully against encouraging young people to question their own biological sexuality.

“A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking,” the doctors stated. “When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such.”

The pediatricians noted that children who think they are a different gender than they are suffer from a recognized mental disorder called “gender dysphoria.”

The letter from the Obama administration treats gender dysphoria as if it were a healthy, rather than pathological, mental condition. HERE.

Obama said: “black men are about six times likelier to be in prison right now than white men” ,……because they commit more crimes. Obama never met a white man he wanted to help. He’s more than 50% white because he was 100% raised by white people upon whom he turned his back.

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