Every night for the past three weeks FOX news starts breaking up around 8:00 PM. First the sound is interrupted then the picture starts “pixelating” then the image is interrupted along with the sound and the Bill O’Reilly Show and the Megyn Kelly Show are shut down….. Every night…… By Verizon. 

The picture is fine on the other channels. It’s only FOX that’s destroyed by Verizon. The rest of the cable network works fine, although it’s slower than the iphone. 

There’s nothing wrong with the set-top box, the wiring or the router. The STB was replaces which turned out to be a colossal waste of time and resources.

Verizon misleads people into thinking the problem is in their home when it’s a Verizon problem and they know it. They just don’t admit it but when they purposely mislead you into accepting that’s it’s your problem on your end they are becoming frauds and fraud is a crime.

Verizon is run by crapweasels. 

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