Two states, Colorado and Wyoming made sure the delegates to the National Convention didn’t have to listen to the people. The voters didn’t get a chance to vote in the Republican Primary.  Who’s in charge here, Vladimir Putin?

 How un-American. How Un-Democratic. How Corrupt.  

Confidence in the major institutions like Congress, Government in general and the news media has eroded and for good reasons. They have a vested interest in continuing to lie to the American people.

Only  6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media. Six percent is one out of every 17 people. That’s really bad and it shows how much the so-called average person gets it.

People including those who use social media are “hunting pretty carefully for cues” in deciding whether to believe a story and most often they find the story doesn’t follow the headlines or the story is the opposite of the headline. Consequently people no longer accept the media version of events. As John Lennon wrote: “Gimme Some Truth”. The song expresses Lennon’s frustration with deceptive politicians (“short-haired yellow-bellied sons of Tricky Dicky”), with hypocrisy, and with chauvinism (“tight-lipped condescending mommy’s little chauvinists”). The song encapsulates some widely held feelings of the time, when people were heavily participating in protest rallies against the government. that’s what Trump’s popularity is all about but neither political party gets it. Certainly the Republican party doesn’t.

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