Only an insane country would have increased Muslim immigration after the September 11th attacks. Yet that’s what the United States government did. Trump asks: Why?? What good has Muslim immigration done for the United States and the American people? Or, to put the question right way round, what harms have been inflicted on Americans in America and abroad by Muslims?

With so many Americans unable to find a job, we certainly don’t need more workers. If we want to import workers what made it necessary to import any of that labor from the Muslim world?

The Muslim world follows a faith that is at best ambivalent about the societies that welcome them and at worst which is usually the case, Muslims do not assimilate. To be blunt and clear Muslims are murderously hostile to non-Muslims and non-Muslim cultures. Until the Internet made is simple to report on and to get information out of these insulated Islamic cultures the outside world didn’t grasp how backward, hostile and dangerous they were.

Somehow Obama believes non-Americans have a civil right to immigrate into America. Trump asks Why? Why does the burden of proof descend upon Americans to prove that Muhammed is a terrorist or Jose is a criminal, and if we can’t, we must let them in. Trump alone among major political figures has stood up to say this is nonsense. He’s right.

Lets stop the Left’s suicidal inclination to weaken and to wreck America. Vote Trump.

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