J.D. wrote about the sheriffs sale of 207 homes in Bucks County, PA and compared that with new homes being sold in Bucks County for up to one million dollars to prove the so-called economic recovery missed the middle class. He’s right and that plays right into Donald Trumps campaign to fix it. Mullane kept out of the Trump campaign because he’s have to go into the cause of the economic failure of America which Trump knows about and because he knows how to fix it or at least how to get America back on the path to be great again.

Too many legal and illegal immigrants have been taking jobs from Americans. Trump want’s to control the borders which will increase the jobs available for Americans.

Foreign leaders have manipulated their currencies to make it easier for them to sell their foreign made products in America which took jobs from Americans.

Under Obama the economy shrunk but he manipulated the numbers so he looked good.

Obamacare made medical insurance more expensive. People needed more money to pay for it. Some couldn’t pay their mortgage so the Sheriff is selling their home. Trump wants to bring back American jobs that were lost under Obama. Plus Trump wants to fix Obamacare so the cost will come down. That helps the lower and middle class wage earners.

JD hasn’t said he supports Trump. Most of the readers of The Courier Times are Obama and Hillary supporters but because Mullane wrote about the Sheriffs Sales it’s more clear why Trump is the only candidate who can help the lower and middle class wage earners. Good for JD. He blew his Trump supporting argument right past the left wing noses of his bosses at the Courier Times.

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