In a column in today’s Courier Times about drug addiction, heroin and OD’s, columnist cum spiritualist J.D. Mullane hooked up with a Rabbi in Chicago who has had some success with addicts. He wrote in part:

“I came across a piece by Shais Taub, a Chicago rabbi who deals with addicts in recovery. According to Rabbi Taub, while most people can live fine without “spiritual contact,” the addict is different.

“Addicts are people who, for whatever reason, are unsettled to the core and cannot handle the business of life without maintaining a continual and acute awareness of the Divine,” Rabbi Taub writes. “Absent such higher consciousness, they are miserable and sick. What makes their dilemma fatal is that their drug of choice will produce short-term effects that simulate the relief that can only really be had through spiritual consciousness.

“The only real treatment for their condition,” the rabbi writes, “is to make sure that they get the ‘real thing’ instead of self-medicating with the fake stuff, for if they do not get the real thing, they have no choice but to take the fake stuff.”

Here’s my comment to J.D.
What if you and the Rabbi are wrong about the connection between faith and overdosing?

No info in your column about the religion of or the lack of it in the lives of the 113 drug related deaths in Bucks in 2014. Not a word.
Without any basis except some religious recruitment palaver, how can you conclude only faith can cure OD’s??
And why slip in that worn out chestnut that religion is the opiate of the masses? Religion isn’t an opiate at all although it’s spawned loads of pedophiles including the infamous Cardinal Law of Boston who’s been hiding out and saying mass in Rome. Damn the Popes who are protecting him.
Where’s the objectivity journalists, and you are certainly not only a journalist but a damn fine one, IMO, are supposed to practice??
Maybe the 16 years I spent in Catholic schools was partly wasted but there’s no Saint who stops OD’s. Not even God makes that claim so where does the good Rabbi, and his motives are certainly good, get his info about drugs?
There no Angel of Narco’s. No Mother Teresa of Addiction. We’re on our own. Get your head around the reality of drugs. Neither the priests nor the rabbi’s know what to do. Not only are priests very bad examples for parents to follow because priests are ignorant of the supreme satisfactions from the exquisite passions of our sex-drives. Being ignorant about sex disqualifies them from preaching about it and the same for being pig-ignorant about properly motivating children and young adults about whom none of the priests have any emotional attachment to or information about their raging, good, sex drives which the church all the way up and widely condemn, pevertedly practice and routinely condemn. More on that but not right now.
By falsely blaming od’s on the lack of faith or religion  you may be, inadvertently and with the best in intentions, making things worse because attributing a wrong cause leads to a false cure and a false cure is more dangerous than admitting there’s no cure so we need to find out what’s really happening instead of sending the addicts into some big building where they could learn to increase their desire to happy-up just from the fine smell of the expensive incense which is a drug the priests put into the air during benediction to increase the good feeling of coming to their services.
Here’s some highly qualified non-religion motivated people and programs at Penn Medicine who can really help.
I=’t’s suggested you get away from your angelic world, dig into my world and get to some of their conferences.
It would help for you and Calkins to stop wasting your time looking at the angles around St Mike’s and get some solid background about addiction and how to help slow done the epidemic.
And start respecting Trumps Wall across the Southern border across which comes most of the heroin in Bucks County.

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