There are 126 million voters who actually voted in the last Presidential election. Not one actually voted for Obama. There are 319 million Americans but only 538 “Actual Electors” who voted in the 2012 Presidential Election. Only 332 voted for Obama but he became President.

Only one of every million people got to vote for Obama.  One out of every million means the Presidential Election is highly controlled. In fact, no American has a right to vote for a President or a Vice President. In November the votes of the people, …..your vote, for any of the candidates for President doesn’t count as a vote that actually elects them. Instead your vote is “translated” into a number of “electors”. Your vote is mixed together with one million other votes and an “Official Elector” is a person, not you, who actually gets to vote for the President.

Your vote for a President is only counted to decide how an elector will vote but the elector doesn’t have to vote for the candidate you voted for. That’s not how a Democracy is supposed to work. The question is: what is that system called? It’s not a democracy. Is it a representative democracy? Not if the representative doesn’t have to vote for the candidate you voted for.

A Democracy is possible. American’s vote for Senators, not for “Electors” who then vote for Senators. That’s how a Democracy works. Every vote counts for or against a Senator candidate. Every vote, not just the votes of Electors. That violates the one person, one vote rule, which means America isn’t a democracy. The insertion of “Electors” produces significant distortions in how much our individual vote is worth. Calling America a Democracy is false. It’s not a Representative Democracy either because the so called “representative”, the “Elector” votes instead of the people. That’s a fraudulent Democracy and because of the great number of people who are cheated out of their vote, it’s a Criminal Democracy.

OK, Many places are worse but that doesn’t fix our non-responsive and criminal democracy.  

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