America needs Americans, not immigrants. Immigrants aren’t Americans. Some may become American in their hearts and minds but some remain anti-American and too many remain with their base culture. The problem for America is the slow snarking away of the idea of the base culture, a unique American nation and a people who grasp a personal Liberty, the sum of all of the freedoms. Trump knows about America because there’s no other place where he could have amassed enough capital to run against the politicians of both parties. that’s why mainstream Republican leaders are so forceful against Trump.

Watch when a huge troop of small birds is feeding on a big field. A few will try to fly off but after a few yards they return to the ground. A few more try with the same result. No one is following them. Trump has expressed the topic of interest to almost everyone. Liberals want unlimited immigration. Conservatives want only guaranteed safe immigrants who follow the rules. Democrats want votes which new immigrants give them. Republicans want new immigrants to follow the rule so they favor punishment for rule breakers. Send the illegal immigrants back. The Tea Parties shich have evolved into one-issue voters, want to convert everyone including immigrants to oppose abortion. Repealing Roe v. Wade is their obsessive compulsive issue but they are reliable opponents of illegal immigration. Trump figures that out months ago and Obama has agreed in principle but opposed Trump in practice except for a token deportation scheme that he will jawbone about next month.

Everyone understands immigration even if they disagree about the deportations. Trump led the entire flock and got everyone flying. The Democrats cannot oppose deportation if Obama does it. Game, set, match for Trump but with problems. Some of the birds refuse to fly.

Getting back to the birds, the flock will suddenly lift off in unison. They have no leaders. The flock develops a will to fly sub-consciously after enough have flown up then landed when no one followed them. It happens in an instant, just as Trump burst onto the American scene. The betrayal and destruction of America wasn’t over but without Trump is would be.

Trump will win in a landslide because the flock has the will to fly, to return to the time when America was great and with Trump America will be great again. Next November’s elections will prove it.

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