Liberals go nonsensical when they read someone wants to defend themselves with a pistol but because the police need time to get to a terror location you can help them by shooting the terrorists before the police arrive.

But no one can call the police when terrorists are shooting them so having your own pistol saves the police some work when they arrive and the terrorist is dead. the message is clear. The best defense during a terror attack is a big pistol.

Shoot back. Kill a terrorist. That stops the terror attack. How simple is this? More pistols in America makes America safer. A permit to carry is only a couple of bucks. Get one and carry a pistol, the bigger the better. Big pistols make a lot on noise which attracts attention which can mean more help is on the way but be careful you aren’t considered to be a terrorist.

This also drives Liberals bats because they hate guns. They don’t care if you are shot by a terrorist as long as you can’t shoot back.   

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