Innocent Until Proven Guilty of consorting with the enemies of America. The Constitution calls it “adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Four ideas in one paragraph support Trumps complete ban on Muslims until the government figures out how to make Americans “SAFE AGAIN”.

Before making America Great Again America must be made safe again. Neither President Obama nor Hillary can do that. Trump can and will. He just helped do that¬†with his proposal to stop Muslim Immigration until incoming Muslims can be verified not to have given nor who are verified as not giving not ever will give “Aid and Comfort” to enemies of America. That’s in the founding document of America, Article III to be more exact. It’s in the Treason Clause.

Stop means stop. It’s another Western tradition. Words mean things. Jihad means San Bernardino, Charlotte, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, the 12 Americans murdered by the Muslim Sniper, the 2,900 murdered on 9/11, the honor killings and on and on goes the list of innocent Americans murdered by Muslims in America. Keeping score? ¬†

Thomas Sowell estimates 120 million slaves killed by Muslims. He says: “Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa”. He verifies a shocking “rough estimate of 270 million killed by Jihad”. Does Trump know that? The Media should know it. It proves stopping believers in jihad should be stopped from returning to America. Likewise groups of Muslims who could be hiding Jihadi’s must also be stopped from entering until, as Trump said, they can be verified as not-jihadi’s or better yet. Why not allow Muslims who oppose jihad in when and if they prove to a certainty they oppose jihad? That’s the sane thing to do for those who want to protect Americans.


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