When the head of religion in Iran calls America “the Big Satan” why doesn’t he care that his words will hurt Americans? Why them is President Obama so concerned with the possibility of offending Muslims when it’s Muslims who attacked America on 9/11 and on many other occasions? The President of America should protect American’s from Muslims, not the other way round.

Muslims aren’t concerned with offending Americans. Obama should be pointing that out to the Muslim communities instead of telling the world how awful he thinks America has been. Why doesn’t he think as much of America as he thinks about Muslims? The man has never stood up for America in the Muslim world. He doesn’t have to constantly demean and degrade America as he’s been doing around the world. He has the rather immature idea that by admitting mistakes by America that all will be forgiven but the people who he is afraid of offending want to destroy America. they don’t care what America has done. They don’t even know and they don’t care. They hate America and Obama is foolish to think he can win them over to be friends of America.

Obama has no feel or concern of the massive good America has done for millions of people in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He’s not a fan of America which is why he’s determined to apologize instead of showing the greatness of America. In a fit of irony he confirms why Ameirca is the enemy of Islam whenever he talks about how wrong America was to for example allow slaves to be bought and sold without realizing that Americans were working to eliminate slavery unlike nations who still practice it in the 21st century.

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