He asked Trump five times if Obama was born in the United States? Trump answered: “It’s something I don’t want to talk about.”

Stupid means “lacking in common sense”. Stephanopolis seemed almost drugged as he continued to ask the same question over and over and over. Does that mean Stephanopolis is stupid? Does a smart person continue to ask a question that’s been answered four times? No. Even people with average commonsense wouldn’t do that.

Besides, it’s rude. We can and should be embarrassed by Stephanopolis’ past which includes an under the table loan for $800,000.00 for real estate as well as excessive “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation, contributions he failed to disclose and which showed his conflict of interest during interviews.

Stephanopolis is untrustworthy just as Hillary and Bill Clinton have been. There’s a thickness about the man as well as a devious streak, probably because he’s been successful with those less than noble characteristics. In the case of his Trump interview, Donald was kind not to attack Stephanopolis’ character. He could and should have. Stephanopolis is a man of small attributes in addition to his short height. He does not belong in the same room with a man with as great a character as Donald Trump.

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