Jerry Grupp has been a Republican School Board Director forever. He’s running yet again and some fellow Republicans are going after him. They’re not openly supporting his Democratic Opponent, at least not in the open, partly because of their own rather devious reputation.

“DUMP GRUPP” is a negative campaign against Grupp. Why are some Republicans going after Grupp? Why don’t they reveal themselves? One Republican Opponent, a Council Rock School Board Director who is stepping down paid for Negative Robo-Calls Against Grupp, Robo-Calls made to local voters. Combined with “DUMP GRUPP” signs it’s a One-Two Punch against Grupp.

Spreading Gossip is one thing but purposely lying and spreading lies as though they are gossip is even more reprehensible but that’s how some political types operate. Some local Republicans with the approval of the local Northampton Republican Committee as well as the County Committee operated several “SLIME SITES” that attacked Republicans who challenged local Republican Leaders. The Courier exposed the Slime Sites but the operators never stepped foreword because their lies would subject them to judgment as liars.

The Northampton Republican Committee tried to remove the Slime Site Liars from influencing the local voters but the committee was unsuccessful. Now they are going after Grupp.

A double negative becomes a positive in algebra but not in Politics. Negative advertising is a staple of underhanded politicians. In politics the normal rules of morality don’t work. Negative advertising is used by underhanded people because it works. Unfortunately, voters are easily deceived by liars and gossips. That’s why the DUMP GRUPP campaign might work. The other side of negative advertising is when it’s true. That’s the case with the DUMP GRUPP campaign.

A boomerang returns to the thrower. In the case of the wrong decisions of Grupp, his past is being used against him.

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