Chrysler is owned by FIAT. FIAT is based in Italy. Here’s the proof: “On July 21, 2011, FIAT bought the Chrysler shares held by the United States Treasury. With the purchase, Chrysler once again became foreign owned; this time Italian car maker FIAT gained majority ownership and control of Chrysler. The United States government’s involvement in the Chrysler bankruptcy cost $1.3 billion. On January 1, 2014, FiIATannounced it would be acquiring the remaining shares of Chrysler owned by the VEBA  worth $3.65 billion. The deal is expected to be completed by January 20.”

The above quote is buried deep in an article that praises and supports Left Wing Socialism and opposes Capitalism. It starts it’s article with the words: “Chrysler is an America automobile Manufacturer.” That’s false. The website knows it’s false yet it continues to deceive the reader by showing the American roots of Chrysler but diminishing the ownership by Fiat which is not an American company. The deceptive Left Wing website is Wikipedia.

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