Jun 242017

He designed a house on the side of a hill jutting out over a waterfall which hid the waterfall. The house was extremely damp but it was and remains a masterpiece of architectural design. It is said of Fallingwater that no other house has anywhere the connection with nature of “Fallingwater”. The owner was appalled that Wright designed the house on the “wrong” side of the stream but went along with Wright. He bought a masterwork worthy of Michelangelo. Falllingwater is that great.
It has sound. Wright put the house where the sound of the fallingwater is a large part of the charm of the design and provides evidence of the brilliance of Wright. How many buildings come with sound? Fallingwater certainly does and the sound is the name: Falling water.

Yes, it is a damp house because of the stream but dehumidification is rather simple these days with air conditioning in the summer and depending on the type of heating used in the winter the humidity can be completely controlled.
How expensive was the house to design and build? Very. It was worth the money and the owner, Kaufman had plenty. He even had an engineering complay study the design and it was found to be inadequate so Kaufman sent the engineering drawings to Wright who apparently rejected the additional reinforcement so Kaufman had it installed secretely and even the additional reinforcement was insufficient to keep the deflections down. It was strengthened during the recent renovations.
Also, it’s not “connected with hature” as it is so often said. First of all, nature abhors straight lines, at least in the woods where the trees caren’t straight. Next, it is nad of man-made materials by men who purposely constructed it. Nature doesn’t work like that, even with evolution and the sort of predestination that seeds use to grow and reproduce. It’s not, in those senses at all natural.
In the sense of the supreme capability of man, of people to consciously use and change so-called natural things there is a naturalness about Fallingwater. That’s what architects do. they use nature and that’s part of the natural nature of things.
Anyhow, it’s a circular argument that one can use to suit one’s purposes and so rather meaningless. the fact of Fallingwater is a testement to humans everywhere and it’s a spectacular achievement. . 


Jun 232017

After losing to Trump the left has lost it’s mind in the weeds of hate. How will this end? Civil War??
Russian President Putin asked: “Have you lost your senses?”

Every news cycle brings more hate. Every left wing-nut is adding to the nut-bag. #BlackLives Matter inspired the hate that executed two Brooklyn police officers; five more in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.

Wrong/bad ideas have consequences and the Left is drugged-up on hate and won’t be calmed down because their hatred of America was vaccinated into them in the mandatory government schools where they read crap History like Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”, a thoroughly anti-America Socialist clap-trap of Marx inspired hate-based attack on individualism which is the foundation of America and the poison to the Left Wing-nuts who hate, hate, hate President Trump and his vision to restore America to Americans. Government taught American’s to Hate America by using Zinn’s Peoples History.. 

“Much of what is seen in today’s left started with Howard Zinn. He stoked the anger, he leveled the charges of institutionalized, never-ending, and unforgivable racism. He pushed the narrative of “white superiority”, now morphed into “white privilege”. He pressed the foolish notion that socialism was the superior political system. He made up the narrative of purposeful, indiscriminate, racist genocide of native Americans. He made up the narrative of America being founded unjustly, by greed, so flawed that it had to be remade in his image of a Marxist paradise. He virtually invented the anti-American outrage so prevalent today, persuading our celebrities, our media, and an entire generation that America is, and has always been, awful.

“This from a man who excused Castro’s Cuba, exalted Mao’s China, praised North Vietnam, and to my knowledge has never uttered a negative word concerning the hundred million plus people slaughtered by socialist regimes in the twentieth century.”

Astoundingly, the lying crap-weasel Zinn succeeded in bringing America his wrong and dark vision of America by using the hidden Left-wing agenda of publiching companies that supply the government schools. That’s how America went from a shining city on a hill to Zinn’s contrived polemical history published 37 years ago in 1980 to a place where so many have not only believed him uncritically, but have assimilated his myopic vision.

America has been sabotaged via government run education which President Trump has promised to “reform, whatever that means, but it will be resisted by a massive underground army of government paid and government sponsored political operatives deep within the Deep State.

Look at what Zinn has succeeded in getting the left to profess:

♦ 1. The left has adopted his uncritical belief in Socialism. They will not look at socialism’s clear and present historical mountain range of flaws.
2. The United States has no trait worthy of praise. We have such a poisonous system, that it must be destroyed. At any price.
3. They will continue to believe that they, the left, can do no wrong.
4. They can overlook a hundred million people being slaughtered as a trifle not to be mentioned.
5. They can allow narratives to be made up in order to further their cause. Truth need not apply.
6. Look at the past few months and you’ll see his influence. Hillary Clinton only lost the election because of “Russia, Russia, Russia”. And James Comey. A narrative so contrived, Howard Zinn’s ghost is laughing.  After all, it couldn’t have been anything she did, didn’t do, her weak campaign, or unlikability. Socialists in their Zinn heaven can’t do anything wrong.

Zinn believers believe Trump’s greatest sin was suggesting America was ever great, or could be great again. What a horribly wrong thing to say. Ergo, he must be racist, hate women, and must not stand for anything else worthwhile. He’s not even human.

More Zinn: Trump must be brought down at all costs. He must be destroyed by the Zinn inspired revolutionary “resistance”.

Zinners believe nothing the leftwing democrat/media complex has done against Trump is wrong. Making up sources, narratives, literally lying, all that is okay because it furthers the agenda. Just ask James Comey, or Reality Winner, the other leakers, CNN, MSNBC or comedian Amy Schumer’s little uncle Chuckie Schumer. Burn down the house. Ignore the malfeasance. It’s for the cause. Howard would be proud. The Left should be ashamed.

It’s wonderful that we helped elect president Trump  and we’re not going away.

Jun 222017

It’s good advice to run away from terrorist attacks but it’s also good to try to kill terrorists who are killing Americans because the life you save may be your own.
You can carry a gun because you are an American citizen. You can hope you will never have to use the gun you carry and mostly that’s reasonable but remember that the law of the land is the police who are charged with protecting people don’t have to protect you. That’s where you can protect yourself comes in.
In fact, the power to carry a gun is a right supposedly protected by the Constitution. SInce you can carry a gun you can give permission to the police to carry a gun too. that’s the basis in American law that provides the path for the carrying of guns by the police and that’s a good thing.
But you didn’t give up your right to a gun just because the police can. that’w the way Rights work.
Rights carry the power to protect Rights. The Supreme Court has ruled on that too but common sense proves they are correct. The power to defend your own life and by the rules of logic to everyone else was recognized when America was founded. People have been changed since then. Far too many people are afraid to defend themselves.
Gallup found:
38% of Americans are less willing to attend large events due to terrorism
The previous percentage was as high as 32% in 2002
46% less willing to travel overseas due to terrorism concerns.
The corollary is that 62% of Americans aren’t afraid of being a terror victim. the increase in the number of Americans buying one or more guns is not known but there are hundreds of millions of guns in priate hands and more get sold after every terrorist attack.

“We’ve seen a dramatic spike in business,” Scott Blick, a managing partner at Ammunition Depot, told the Washington Free Beacon. “I would say about 300 percent. We really haven’t had time to breathe too much just because we’re so backed up.”

“We’ve actually seen an increase in sales since the attacks in Paris, likely due to fears of terrorism at home,” Anthony Welsch, Lucky Gunner spokesperson, said.
ud’s Gun Shop, which operates one of the nation’s largest online gun stores, as well as a brick and mortar shop in Kentucky, has seen the same jump.

“We have seen an increase in both the sales of certain types of firearms and ammo,” Rex McClanahan, Bud’s Gun Shop president, said. The increased interest in guns has also affected firearms training. The National Rifle Association Range in Fairfax, Virginia, has noticed a jump in customers. The sale of laser aiming sights is way up. the addition of a laser sight to a handgun improves the ability of most people to hit the target more often.
But most Americans have been talked out of acquiring a gun. American’s who own a pistol cannot carry it with them unless they get permission from government, permission that was taken for granted when the constitution and the Second Amendment were approved. Why are more Americans afraid to acquire a pistol? Because they have been hectored about the dangers of doing it but that information isn’t countered with the reasons a gun is necessary for self-protection from terrorists.

Jun 222017

He was acquitted of three felony charges including rape. No one is ever found innocent of the charges. Is that fair? Is it correct to claim anyone on trial cannot be found innocent? Yes, the claim is correct but the conclusion, the part that no one is ever innocent is very troubling. If Bill Cosby who was tried by all of the force available by the government and by the considered judgement of twelve jurors who thought, deliberated and argued for a week merely acquitted him but did not find him innocent, what is wrong with this system?

Bill Cosby had a wonderful reputation partly because he seemed to be trying to tell people what was wrong with some of the criminal behaviors they seemed to have accepted or which they blamed on white people. He gave his famous “Pound Cake Speech”: — “People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! And then we all run out and are outraged, ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?”

His good intentions boomeranged on him when Judge Eduardo C. Robreno as an example of Cosby’s role as “public moralist”, unsealed court records to reveal Cosby’s admissions of infidelity and his giving of drugs (Quaaludes) to women prior to having sexual intercourse with them. Robreno referenced a Wikipedia page in his decision and wrote that, by volunteering to the public “his views on, among other things, childrearing, family life, education, and crime”, Cosby had “narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim”.

The American Constitution had to be changed because it did not protect the privacy of the individual. The Fourth Amendment had to be approved before the Constitution was fully approved. that established privacy as an individual Right then removed it as a Right in the same paragraph within which it defined it. You have a Right to privacy but a judge can remove it which means it’s a privilege granted by the government, not a Right.

That means no priest, Rabbi or Imam has a Right to Privacy since they are all about morals. That’ shows how wrong the government can be because every priest, Rabbi and Imam should be but isn’t protected by the Fourth Amendment. Neither are you.
You can go to sleep knowing you live in a culture, the most moral on earth because of it’s protection of your Individual Rights which when it comes right down to it won’t be protected at all. Bill Cosby will never be innocent of the charges he was found not to have committed. You should worry about that.

So far as Cosby was concerned, the DA did a lousy job of proving Cosby raped Andrea Constand, the single witness used by the DA to prove Cosby raped her and perhaps as many as 99 other women. the count of the alleged victims may be higher or lower. There’s no way to know the exact or precise number and it may be zero but at this moment, Bill Cosby has not been convicted of one.

Another element; Bill Cosby is a wealthy man. He is alleged to be worth $400 million and that makes him a big fat target.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce indicated it would refuse calls to have Bill Cosby’s star removed from the “Walk of Fame.” And the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art indicated it would go ahead with its exhibit of art owned by Bill Cosby and his wife, Camilla.
After much criticism, though, the museum told NPR that it would post a sign next to the exhibit, reminding people that it is “fundamentally about the artworks and the artists who created them, not Mr. Cosby.”
Update: July 15, 2015, 2:45pm: President Barack Obama responded to calls from members of Congress to revoke the Presidential Medal of Freedom that Bill Cosby was awarded in 2002. He said that revoking the honor is impossible, as there is no procedure in place for doing so. He then took the opportunity to speak about rape.
“I’ll say this. If you give a woman — or a man, for that matter — without his or her knowledge a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape. And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”
So now ex-president Obama got it both ways. He didn’t condemn his awarding the medal to Cosby and in the same speech talked about not tolerating rape.

Bill Cosby is a victim of losing his reputation because he was acquited of the charges brought against him. OTOH, where there’s smoke and maybe 100 accusers they may be fire. At the end of this it’s up to you to decide who is or are the victims. One of them may be you.

Jun 212017

♦ Obama obstructed justice. Here are the facts:

♦ Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch

♦ Loretta Lynch ordered the FBI: stop investigating Hillary.

♦ Comey presented the evidence then refused to prosecute Hillary.

♦ That’s obstruction of justice.

♦ That’s a crime.

♦ That’s a crime committed by Loretta Lynch who was the Attorney General reporting to President Obama.

♦ That involves more than one person.

♦ That’s conspiracy.

♦ That’s criminal.

♦ Criminal activity is a crime.

♦ Obama committed crimes.

♦ That’s the chain of facts that condemn Lynch, Obama and of course Comey.

Jun 212017

If they can teach.
Who should judge whether or not a teacher is competent?
How about the parents?
How would they do that?
By paying the competent teachers with a check.
What about taxes to run the schools?

Council Rock teachers are paid far more than the people who who pay the “School Tax” and Council Rock sits in the middle of four high income townships and one high income borough. Here’s how to eliminate all school related taxes and double the income of the teachers, at least of the good ones.
It’s like going to the movies. You pay to see the good ones. You don’t have to build the movie house.
Students will pay the professor directly with a $5 bill at the door of each class. Teachers will rent the room from the school district.
How will that work in practice? . . . Very well for everyone.
If a teacher teaches 19 students each class the teacher will earn $95 per class. There are seven class periods a day, so 7 times $95 is $665 a day times 182 days in the school “year” comes to $121,030.00 which is higher than the $95K the teachers are paid today.
What happens when the teacher want’s to teach more students to get more money? Teach 40 students per class and the teacher will get $242,060 a year. That’s $254.800 for the nine month school year.

Ever see a lecture hall? Easy to seat 100 students. At 100 students per class a teacher could earn $3,500 a day, 182 days a “year” is $637K for nine months work. For that they can pay rent for the lecture hall.
The school district would be like the movie house except education would be cheaper than a movie.

This is how Capitalism works. Pay for what you get. Your neighbors don’t pay for your car. That would be Socialism. The teachers don’t hire thugs to rob you. That’s how monarchies work. that’s how the USSR worked. Capitalism is different. You pay for what you get. You don’t pay for someone else’s kids. You don’t pay for things you don’t get or need or use. The good teachers would get $637,000.00 a year. If the teachers want to form a union to get class sizes down to 14 per class, fine. The teachers won’y make as much. The taxp[ayers would have nothing to say about it because government would be out of education just like government is out of the movie business. Capitalism. $637,000 a year. Teachers and everyone else is happy.


Jun 202017

Since the end of white rule and apartheid South Africa has been a mess.

The country is in deep recession. Overall unemployment is 36 percent. Close to 50 percent of South Africans between the ages of 15 and 34 are unemployed. In the last 23 years, incomes per person rose by about 1 percent per year, 23%. In neighboring Botswana, they rose (cumulatively) by over 80 percent.

South Africa is one of the most stunning countries in addition to having most commercially important minerals mined in significant quantities. It’s gold and diamond mines are legends. De Beers is a South African powerhouse that controls the diamond market. Period. Rich place.
there’s even more bad news, unfortunately. The World Economic Forum in Davos ranked South Africa’s healthcare as 132nd out of 144 countries surveyed. The country’s Corruption Perception Index ranking fell from 21st in 1994 to 62nd in 2015. And, according to The Economist, South Africa’s education system is “one of the worst in the world.”
Even worse for the people, the Western idea of personal Liberty doesn’t exist in South Africa. The American spirit is characterized by independence, individualism, political and economic freedom, and productive ambition.
South Africa is run by three dictators. they get away with it because South Africa hasn’t yet come to realize how important each person is. they are tribal in some ways. They are trying to achieve economic stability. Only the rich or the powerful can live a great life in South Africa but in many ways South Africa is in better shape than other countries and cultures who do not have the enormous resources of South Africa.
But freedom is about the attitude and the ideas that come from inside a person. It’s a set of feelings and feelings are often just emotions but the pursuit of Liberty requires both mind and body to be integrated, meaning working together. the problem for people in a place like South Africa is the difficulty of staying alive. A lot of people immigrated into South Africa after apartheid ended. the population soared from about 35 million in 1991, when apartheid ended to about 53 million in 2016 and most things weren’t able to keep up with all of the additional people. More people means more traffic on the highways, more food to be delivered, more electricity to be generated , more water and plumbing and more sewers, to name a few of the more obvious things.
South Africa has a foot in two worlds. Whether life will improve in South Africa is a gamblers bet. In the short term it’s been getting a bit worse. In the long term, there’s no way to predict because of the pent up hate,

Jun 202017

Lose the idea that weird and strange buildings are good architecture. Some of the most famous buildings are aesthetic junk but none of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright are less than great architecture. His greatest achievement is a rather small prIvate home that he build for Edgar J. Kaufman over a stream deep in the woods in Western Pennsylvania. Time cited it after its completion as Wright’s “most beautiful job”; it is listed among Smithsonian’s Life List of 28 places “to visit before you die”. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. In 1991, members of the American Institute of Architects named the house the “best all-time work of American architecture” and in 2007, it was ranked 29th on the list of America’s Favorite Architecture according to the AIA.

Fallingwater is a masterpiece and a masterwork. It is a perfect design because everyone can relate to the feelings and emotions it evokes. It is exquisite. See it HERE.
For a contrast see the terrible designed Foundation Louis Vuitton.
Frank Rizzo was a tough police chief in Philly. He took one look at a statue of noted designer Jacques Lipchitz and said: “it looks like a plasterer dropped a load of plaster”. Se if for youurself HERE.

Jun 202017

His website Fred On Everything has “Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures, where he lists some on the “matters” that caused him to come to some very negative conclusions about black people. Reed isn’t alone. He reverses the politically correct paradigm that white people are to blame for the present conditions of black Americans.

Reed lives in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico but he was born in West Virginia. He came to his present negative conclusions about American black people because they are busy removing monuments to the Confederacy and to the soldiers and others of the Confederate States who died in the American Civil War. In addition he’s more than lightly annoyed at the removal of the Confederate flag from the cemetery at Gettysburg. He asks: “Why should the least productive, most criminal, most dependent of the population rewrite history that in any event they don’t know?” He continues: “The erasure of the South and the Confederacy by people most of whom couldn’t spell it, of Washington and Jefferson and Lee by grifters, race hustlers, wanton illiterates and the Brownshirts of Black Lives Matter. . .enough” says Mr. Reed of Ajijic.
“Brownshirt’s” refers to the thugs who wore brownshirts in Germany during the run-up to WWII. They beat and murdered dissenters. Not a great class of people with whom one would want to be associated even separated by 80 years give or take. You can read Reeds screed HERE. .


Jun 192017

A lot of guys are peeing on the walls of the public transport stations in Atlanta. The government want’s to alert the public when it’s going on so Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA is installing Urine Detection Devices that will sound a siren and flash a strobe light when a guy begins peeing in the MARTA stations and elevators. HERE.
Pee is corrosive. The base of a street light that was peed on a lot corroded and the light fell down. (Lights fon’e fall up. Gravity)
The UDD systen will cost MARTA big bucks but sonething has to be done with the urine too.
Peer’s run when a siren goes off so catching them has been hard, especially when the urinators pee when it’s dark out. They’re hard to spot so MARTA will use the UDD’s and the lights and sirens to try to stop them but most guys are too fast for a system that doesn’t catch them anyhow.
MARTA needs cameras too, at least more cameras where the little piss-ants are peeing. they aren’t really little. Most of them are adult males.
MARTA riders are overwhelmingly non-white. Maybe they are mad at the system so they pee on the walls. The problem is most MARTA riders have to breathe and when the air is full of urine smells it’s not pleasant so this has a racial component in it. Nevertheless, since ridership is only about 26% non-balck, the smells hit mostly black people so MARTA is to be commended for trying to provide a benefit that will not benefit non-balcks as much as it will benefit black people by a 3 to 1 margin. .