Oct 252013

Desperate. Northampton Supervisor Candidates Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham are so far ahead of the Republican Candidates that the Republicans have resorted to a total mudslinging campaign after the spirit of the departed Jerry Bass. That’s all they have and that’s all they can do. They lost. They know it. They are running against me in 2015 using the same grotesque fabrications they used in 2011 and 2009. They are a gang united by hate and fueled by slime. Unfortunately for the GOP the Northampton GOP has become a bunch of delusional crackpots.

I say that because they travel in the dark. Many, including especially Tony Albano, Ed Farling, Steve McGill, Ethel Goldberg, write Letters To The Editor but never include their Insider GOP titles. In a discussion they lie as soon as they can, they cannot even trust themselves. They’ve broken even our own Republican Rules every campaign. They are the unfit Republicans. they are the Unfit Northampton GOP.   

From the dismal failures at the Oct 23 Supervisors meeting to the childish airbrushing campaign against Frank and Jim, these political waif’s can not do anything now except cheat, lie and try to steal votes. That’s what they did in their latest political ads where they airbrushed Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham faces onto distorted bodies. These people would paint a mustache on Mona Lisa if it could be used as a political ad for their empty candidates. Barbara Bucknum was a target. The Northampton Democrats were delighted to add Barbara Bucknum as their candidate for Tax Collector after the Northampton GOP told her she was too old. What a disgrace they are.

Since they lost the township after two disastrous dirty campaigns they have sunk even lower. Dave Breidinger, Chairman of the Northampton GOP should leave his religion before lightening strikes his place of worship. He knows what he did. His leadership produced convoluted ads that break four of the Commandments. He leads the Bad News GOP of Northampton.  

Northampton GOP Political Graffiti. The Republicans used Airbrushing to purposely distort the physical characteristics of two good, moral men. The GOP sent a campaign ad that’s low and tasteless. That’s all they can do at this point because they lost the campaign.

The Northampton GOP’s lying campaign ads are in the spirit of the Republican “Venom” websites of 2011 and 2009. Lies have no redeeming value. Graffiti belongs in the garbage dump. It has no place in Northampton.

Airbrushing is political pornography, -it’s that low. It’s not positive campaigning. They can’t do that. They can’t lead. They can’t follow. They can’t create. Like small childish bullies they can only attack their betters. They have bad ideas. Publishing graffiti is not bad campaigning it’s counterfeit campaigning. It’s not even as good as political theatre. It’s GOP political kindergarten and that’s all they all have.

The two Republican opponents of Rothermel and Cunningham are a disgrace to my Republican party. Likewise the Republicans who continue to work against Republican candidate Barbra Bucknum.

The Northampton GOP still steals campaign signs as they have been doing for the past sixteen years. It was Supervisor Komelasky who told me: “Bill, if your campaign signs are missing we took ’em”. He sent Joanne Malba’s Zoning Squad around the township and removed every one of my signs. I would get them from behind the township building and put them up agains and again.

From the despicable conduct of Tony Albano to the nonsense of Don George, the Northampton GOP insiders went lower and lower. They left the decent Republicans and made it impossible to vote for their mud-slingers.  

This election there is a real difference between the immoral candidates of the GOP and Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. The choice could not be easier. Rothermel and Cunningham or two political bad boys.


Sep 302013

It’s What You Learn After You Know It All that Counts. One of the fascinating things about life is that there are no two alike when it comes to fingerprints or people but there are classifications into which individuals can and should be placed. Call it self-defense or a route to happiness but there are good people and bad ones. That’s what a moral code is supposed to unravel. 

There’s a more local example of the differences between bad and evil. The Northampton GOP seems to have attracted more of the bad. How do I know that? From observing the untold number of rule violations by the Northampton GOP. Some examples are the primary ballots that endorse committee people. The Republican Party want’s committee people selected from the voters but not the Northampton GOP. They stack the committee by breaking the rule about endorsing Insiders. In the May 2011 Primary where Janet and I were on the ballot, the Northampton GOP rigged the ballot in favor of two Insider Republicans. The Northampton GOP took advantage of the good Republican voters who, wrongly in this case, think the party knows who is best for the party offices. The rules were massively broken including by some higher Republican Officials who, perhaps, did not know what they were doing but they endorsed the two insider republicans when they should not have endorsed anyone. They engaged in election fraud by violating the Republican Party Rules. As a result the Northampton GOP is tainted by a corrupt scheme. It’s an illicit, dishonorable, unprincipled, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, venal, underhanded, double-dealing, fraudulent, bribable, group of scoundrels .

The Northampton GOP did the same thing over the years to remove recalcitrant Northampton Republicans and to elect instead committee people who will tow the Insider commands. Republican Supervisors who kicked down my campaign signs. Republican Supervisors who unfairly sued me in Commonwealth Court where a judge refused to count my signature. Unfair? Of course. Wrong? Of course. Evil? I think so.  

The Northampton Republican Committee lost all it’s credibility as a fair organization that wanted to get the ideas from the people. Instead it is now populated with a bunch of little running dogs who follow the pack leaders and who do as they are told.

Now you know. What should be done about it? Don’t vote for any local Republican because they rigged the Northampton Republican ballot. For more proof read Wayne Mills letter, posted here. Just search this website under Wayne Mills. For a short summary read: This. For the full version read this.  

For a current example see the video of the Sept 25th Supervisor meeting where the Sewage Board was out in full force attacking Supervisor Frank Rothermel because he had the courage to get a video camera inside the Sewage Board Meeting Room which started to expose the massive corruption down there. The Northampton committee people never identify themselves as committee people. They are ashamed to admit they are engaging is a fraud by posing as citizens from the neighborhood. They are horrible examples for Northampton. Northampton deserves better than them. Northampton has the best tow supervisors who ever stood for election or re-election. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham are untouched by scandal. Their administration has appointed the best people regardless of party, unlike the corrupt Republicans. Now you know more about them too. 


Sep 152013

Northampton has been governed by Republicans until 2013. The 2012 budget for the township was passed by Republicans so the first budget of the Democrats, Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and Dr. Kim Rose was passed in 2012 for the fiscal year 2013. For four of their six years in office any good ideas, programs or solutions proposed by Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham were voted down 3 to 2.

For the first four years of their first term, neither Frank nor Jim could get past the majority. All appointments were controlled by Komelasky, Deon, Silver and Freidman who replaced John Long when he passed in May of 2009.

The Cell Tower problem was caused by the Republicans and Frank and Jim were able to fix it. The Republicans lost several battles in court.  American Tower began to install towers on private lawns.  The residents joined together and Township Attorney Michael Savona successfully fought and won against almost impossible odds. The judge ruled:  Towers would not be installed in neighborhoods where utility wires were underground.’ A massive victory that had an impact all across America. as other municipalities learned from the trailblazers Rothermel and Cunningham. 

But the Republican majority on the Sewer Board flexed their muscles and installed Solar Panels on the Water and Sewer Authority property, property that probably belongs to the township. The Republicans said the panels “were free”. The record proves that’s wrong. It’s not debatable, it’s wrong. The panels are not free. they are extremely expensive. They are far more expensive than buying electricity from PECO.

Frank Rothermel did some investigation when solar panels were proposed for the Township Library and rejected them as too expensive. Frank saved the residents tens of  thousands of dollars by rejecting solar panels. the Republicans on the Sewer Board didn’t and the citizens will pay the price for their mistakes.

The traffic problems in Holland and Richboro were caused by the Republicans who tried to push businesses around an force them to build roads or not get their projects approved. WAWA in Holland is an example. Frank and Jim studied the traffic problems and for the first time Northampton Township has made plans to reduce traffic problems.

Taxes and fees were increased thousands of times by the  Republicans. For the past two years Frank and Jim controlled spending and purposely did not increase any taxes or fees. Remember, they only had a chance to control spending for two years and they did a great job. No tax increases. None.

In 2012 during the Republican Rule, two new unions began to organize some of the township employees. Frank and Jim have been negotiating with them for the past two years. They inherited all of the labor problems and they have been working to fairly deal with them.

The Republicans curtailed Free Speech at the Supervisor Meetings. Frank and Jim increased it. The Republicans had sharply stood against free speech except for a brief period before the business of the township was even discussed. The Republican majority still restricts Free Speech at the Sewer Meetings but it’s far different at the Supervisor meetings where residents can speak on any issue and after the discussions but before the votes.

Some of the union officials and some residents who are Municipal workers tried to present their contract positions at the August meeting but Labor Law is clear. Negotiations must be done in private to protect the positions of the parties. this is not a Free Speech issue even though it involves speech. It’s settled labor law that negotiations must be done in private. Negotiations are a special exception to the right to free speech, just like yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre. Frank and Jim support both free speech and labor law. So do I.

I’ve sued local townships including the Republican regimes in Northampton five times in Federal Court about political signs, signs protected fiercely by the law, and won all five times. I had to sue Komelasky and his Republican lawyers and cohorts twice. I’ll probably have to do it again because the Northampton GOP is against free speech in so many ways. They prefer anonymity where they can snipe from the sidelines without people knowing who they are, the girlie-men. They do not like citizens speaking to them in public. Political speech in America is the most protected speech in the world. I learned a lot about First Amendment law during the five lawsuits but the Northampton GOP still prefers controlled and anonymous speech. 

America is exceptional. Freedom is not yet available to millions outside America. Americans have far different and better ideas about freedom, ideas which are just not understood by people in other cultures. It leads Americans to the attitude of not being pushed around. People in other cultures expect to be pushed around so they become compliant and obedient. Not Americans.

These are some of the reasons I support Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham for supervisor. In addition I’ve come to know them and to respect them personally. They are the best for Northampton and Northampton deserves the best, especially after being hood-winked for so long.  

Sep 142013


The Political Insiders on the Northampton GOP, the Northampton Republican Committee support the following false statements.   

Referring to me, the childish website notes:  “their bullying operatives, XXXXXX XXXXXX and Bill O’Neill.” Bullying Operatives? Sounds like a bunch of Leninists talking about their revolution. LOL

“That’s not surprising as neither Bushnell nor O’Neill have actually done any real community service in Northampton.” George Komelasky knows I’ve offered many times over many years to serve on various committee’s and boards but Georgy and his flying monkey’s refused to appoint me and no wonder. They don’t want their schemes and tricks exposed. Theirs is a secret world, as proven by their anonymous website and their secret little kiss-up who can’t face the public.

What’s the criteria for community service? Paying outrageous taxes and fees is certainly for the benefit of the community and I’ve been dong that for decades. What about getting on the ballot? What about making and putting up political yard signs that Georgy and his monkeys rip down and count that as community service? Analysing the phoney Request for Bid for the phony money harvesting Solar Panel System?  When Komelasky, Deon, Kinney, Palestina, Freidman and John Long ran the township they sent out the municipal workers to rip up my political signs and throw them in the dumpster. They took me to court because I dared to get on the ballot. A crooked Commonwealth Judge ruled my signature was not my signature. Under color of the township they reaped their rewards but their schemes eventually failed as the voters took care of them by dumping them from power. 

Is the misshapen scatological wimpy falsehood who writes this anonymous comment on the Insider Republican supporting website providing public service or is it purposely trying to destroy my reputation?  

Wimpy continues: “The abused Tax Collector was observed riding in Rothermel’s car at the parade…” Afraid to sign your name Wimpy? Does it rhyme with Georgy Porgy Puddin head?

Wimpy Georgy Porky continues: [Editor’s NOTE: we have verified the presence of several participants showing support for Rothermel Cunningham who do not reside in Northampton Township.”

Wow. there’s a dumb comment. Northampton Days was started by the Komelasky regimes. Northampton Days is not run by Northampton at all. The entire celebration is run by non-township people. So little anonymous wimpy is helping outsiders by standing around the republican booth  where he collects his cheese. Wimpy doesn’t do anything and that’s why he doesn’t get paid.  LOL.


Sep 032013

Of course individuals are responsible for taking care of their mental health and normally that’s easy enough even in a complicated world. Multiple intellectual path’s are followed quite easily. A normal mind has tremendous un-used reserves.  Accommodating many issues means one can take care of oneself, loved ones, friends, acquaintances while dealing with enemies.  Maintaining psychological health throughout one’s life is quite common.

But some individuals find it difficult to cope with the pressures of life so the brain goes into a sort of self-protection mode and shuts out some responses while it repairs one’s life. When the intellectual pressures overwhelm the internal defenses the mind sort of blows itself out. People see a crazy person.

Irrational egoism is a local craziness that’s appeared in Northampton. Sigmund Freud studied and wrote about narcissistic personality dis-order, a serous psychological break manifested by pervasive lying. A Stage Three Liar glibly lies. Stage Three is pathological,- defined as  clinically disproportionate falsification. It’s psychologically very complicated, and may manifest a lifetime. The individual often knows they are lying. Alternately, they might really believe they are telling the truth. They are unaware they are relating fantasies.  Forty percent of fantasia cases reported central nervous system abnormality, sometimes characterized by epilepsy, abnormal EEG findings, head trauma, or by CNS infection.

Walter Mitty is a fictional character. Northampton’s liars are real. Whether drug induced, diseased or pathological, liars are not suicidal, not usually, but whether suicide comes from one’s internal coping mechanism or from drugs, the reality is: life is soon over. Without intervention a pathological fantasy driven mind is unable to return to reality. All pathological liars don’t suicide but when drug use gets to the heroin stage, quite often it’s poof.

A few Walter Mitty types have been operating within the Northampton Republican Committee to the detriment of the party in which I’ve been registered for over half a century. My interest in the Republican Party is solid which is why this exegesis was written. The Northampton Republican Committee, the private group of elected people who carry the status of the neighborhood back to the party, has ruptured. Within their ranks are pathological liars and worse. The liars need to be controlled by the decent members of the NRC. The liars are in charge to the detriment of Northampton. A big lie was the 537 plan that was hidden for a decade. Another was the phony water contamination in the Industrial park. Another the $25 million borrowed for a recreation facility that wasn’t built. The $200,000 anonymous donor of the bocce ball roof, who we suspect was the taxpayers is still secret. The honorable committee people in the NRC have to discover and excise those who lack honor and continue to lie in the name of the Republican Party. But liars are psycho-pathologically unable to change. So long as they continue in control, Northampton is worse off.

The two party system has helped. Some of  the more virulent Insider Republicans were removed from power by the voters. They should be kept out of power, and they will be, until reform changes the character of the Republican Committee. What needs to change? A lot but it will get worse before it gets better. The Courier is being distorted by the NRC. NRC letter and VENT writers show the lying has expanded. More liars have stepped up but no truth tellers from the NRC have appeared.

America’s constitutional scheme is supposed to be neutral, to protect the individual against itself. The laws are a necessary part of government but since government’s and laws have humans they can never be neutral. Politics is different. Politicians can never be neutral but are supposed to be moral. The NRC went far past the moral lines.

They win by cheating and praise themselves for it. They are proud of their deceits. They cannot win honestly but neither can they act honesty. It’s a lose-lose outcome for them. Short term, the Democrats need to win in November. Medium term the Republicans need to lose the local elections in 2015. Long term the County bosses need to grasp this message. 



Aug 292013

Another disgraceful set of lies from six Republican Insiders at a public meeting.  The Democrats on the board are too respectful to reply to the liars.

Don George who tried to cause a minor panic with his false charges, his lies that the public water supply was poisoned. Recall him calling the three Democrats liars for 18 months. It was him lying for 18 months about the poisoned water. His low-level words are identical with words on his anonymous venomous website. Jerry Bass joined the funny, crazy hysterical comments that are so false that Jerry will not be missed as he leaves Northampton for his final destination. Good Riddance. He was no good for many years. Vince “Pay-to-Play” Deon appeared and blamed the Democrats for the sins of his Republican administration.  Vince worked himself into such a rage with his crazy discourse that he threw his cell phone on the floor. LOL. 

Screechy Silver was her usual yelling disruptive self. Trying to discredit Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham  she actually contradicted some union people who were obviously unhappy, Screechy told the union people that she was at the Municipal Building and she saw happy people. What? She’s part of the cause for the discontent of the Municipal Workers. It was so bad for employees under the Republicans that two more unions organized in Northampton during the final days of the Republican Deon administration. Note that contrary to all reports that the Democrats bring in the unions in Northampton it was the Republicans who mis-treated the Muni workers and forced them to bring in all the unions and the Democrats are the ones trying to do the right things by the unions and the citizens of Northampton. 

The Chinese use a symbol to describe the low behavior of people like these. They wag their hand to show a running dog. It’s time to let out the dogs of Northampton.   

Aug 292013

Liars are frauds. The can act against the facts, pose against information and invent false descriptions because they lack a moral compass. At the Northampton Supervisors meeting August 28, the biggest liars in the township spoke about their irrational mentation’s. Ex-Supervisor Vince Deon, assisted by Dopey, Sneezy and Grumpy talked against the people by saying, wrongly, that the township should not fix the public playgrounds and ball fields. Freidman decided to continue his tax based projects by saying the township should seek new ways to get peoples money, the cad.  Freidman is so Left-wing that he actually breathes tax increases to pay for his wet dream projects. Blame Art when you see township properties with uncut grass. He calls it wilding.

Don George demanded documents that didn’t exist. He produced a nonsense letter that demanded the township manager produce a letter saying he could not produce a letter because there was no letter. He likes to use the word lie which he thinks is a virtue. He puts his words where his ideas are, in a series of lies. It’s obvious he thinks lying is a virtue. It is a virtue in his mind to lie, cheat and spout disconnected from reality words. Jerry Bass continued his false attacks against who knows what. Bass never makes sense and it’s positive for Northampton that he’s leaving. Art Freidman voted to keep the play fields in dis-repair because he never repaired them when he was a Supervisor.

To return the management of the Township to people who are supporters of these kinds and types of irrationals is nuts. They stand against  proper human morals. Liars all. Useless to anyone. Seeing and hearing useless types is only useful as a guide how not to vote.

Vote, of course for reasonable people. Cunningham and Rothermel for the best in Northampton.