Sep 132018

It’s easy for crazy politicians to slander someone by announcing they disinvited them from an event. “Heidi Klum Disinvited from Racist Conference, ….Twice In One Week”.

First, there was no conference.

Second, Heidi is one of the people furthest from racism.

Third, since there was no conference Heidi couldn’t have been disinvited from something that never existed.

Finally, it’s how the media lies about people they detest and hate, …. like the president of the United States.

Sorry, … Cannot explain what happened here.

Sep 122018

Starr claims  Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, are ‘fundamentally dishonest.” Pathological lying can be described as a habituation of lying. It’s when the individual consistently lies for no personal gain. There are many consequences of being a pathological liar. Due to lack of trust, most pathological liars‘ relationships and friendships fail. That sounds like Hillary.

A congenital liar is a liar who KNOWS that they are lying.

Of course, if you ask a genetically congenital liar if they know that they are lying they will invariably answer “no”, because they do know that they are lying, but how can you prove that scientifically?

A Ph.D set up an experiment in which a genetically congenital liar was situated in front of two rest rooms, one marked “Men” and the other marked “Women”. Graduate students, posing as blind people, were asked to come up to the experimental subject, asking for directions to the men’s room or the women’s room, as appropriate. The genetically congenital liar invariably led the men to the women’s room and the women to the men’s room. However, when the experimental subject was told to wash up, the subject invariably went to the correct lavatory, proving that he or she knew which room was which. This experiment was repeated with a large population of genetically congenital liars, both male and female.

It was assumed congenital lying was a moral flaw. Genetic congenital lying is no laughing matter. Many genetic congenital liars end up in jail, as con artists, tax cheats and so forth. Liberals blame such moral lapses on the subject’s childhood, and juries may consider childhood environment as an extenuating circumstance in cases involving fraud and deception. But criminals must be held strictly accountable for acts of lying and deception. Hillary knows when she’s lying. She doesn’t care that she’s lying.
Hillary is a chronic pathological and congenital liar. She’s not unique. Bill is too.

Sep 112018

She’s urging non-white people to take action. What’s so wrong about that? 

It’s very, very, clearly against the foundational ideas of America to separate and Balkanize people by their race then organize those racially separated people into action as the ex first lady has been doing.

The best way to eliminate racism against white people by black people as the ex-first lady is busy doing is to show everyone that everyone can work together instead of promoting continuing separations. Ideas like #BlackGirls Rock and #BET are purposely designed to separate and grow apart instead of growing together. 

If Michelle is correct, that the races cannot work together, Americans are justified in getting together by skin color and working against people with different colors of skin but that’s not the way America should work. Nor is it the way America actually works but why should she encourage Racism?  No good reason. No good reason at all. 

She’s part of the reason some Americans refuse to work together. Pity. Pity for her. She needs to change her tune because white people cannot change their skin color and she’s aware of that. HERE. This is just awful to witness.  


Sep 102018

In the contest of the worst congresswoman the grand prize goes to Mad Maxine. She’s Bonk Bonk Bonkers over President Trump, more batcrap crazy than a talking ventriloquist’s dummy, worse than anyone else could ever be. No point in trying to talk to her, to reason and discuss American politics. This absolutely mad woman is beyond the reach of psychotherapy or psycho drugs. She gets visceral when it comes to hating president Trump. Why? 


Sep 102018

There are five Northampton township supervisors. One just announced he resigned and once again that’s an opportunity for the members of the local political machine to show off their abilities. If you are qualified you can apply for the position but if you are really the most qualified you are assured because you already know, . . . you will be appointed.

The rest of the people, the rest of the voters, have no idea who will be 100% unanimously approved. That’s the way it works because that’s the way it’s always worked in Northampton. No Archangels or tea party types will appear in Richboro to support the most qualified person because no one in the tea party has any interest in going against the real political party in Northampton township and all the Archangels must be busy elsewhere in the universe because no angels have been in Northampton for a long, long time. LOL

Any booing and hissing you hear comes from a very small group of very qualified replacement supervisors who know how Northampton politics really works. They, we, will have to wait while the four remaining Supervisors breathlessly announce the appointment of their new best friend while gaslighting the rest of us. That’s how it works and there’s no chance it will change no matter how hard some people try. I know that from personal experience that hasn’t left me bitter but which did teach me a lesson. I lose. They win and the absence of an Archangel is, again, expected.  

Sep 102018

The police point to the many people in Arlington National Cemetery who, unlike Kaepernick really did sacrifice everything. The National Association of Police Officers last week called for a nationwide boycott against Nike products. We want to go further and tell people: do not to wear Nike, burn them  or rip off the hateful swoosh emblem before using them. The Nike swoosh has become the emblem of hate against America. It’s the 2018 version of World War II hate symbol, Hitlers hateful swastika.

No doubt many anti-Americans like Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign. We don’t.
We don’t because it’s against the police who protect us and against America where everyone can say what’s on their minds but who aren’t surprised when someone has a different idea.

We don’t wear socks showings cops as pigs like Kaep did because unlike stupid Kaep we know the police protect him as well as everyone else.

So, are the cops racist like Kaepernick and his supporters believe? Even though there are racist cops just as there are racists in the NFL who hate whites, they are a small, unimportant minority. Nike and Kaepernick got it wrong. We don’t much care for people like Kaep who hate America and we hope his day in the sun has a quick sunset.  

Sep 092018

They put the propellers in the rear and the elevators in the front. That’s backwards to the way aircraft are designed today.

Today the propeller is in the front because that’s where the undisturbed air is. The propeller is most effective in the front but the elevators are in the back, not like Wilbur and Orville designed them. Why was that?

Because they were trying to figure out how to get the aircraft to go up, not forward. they put the controls for altitude up front where they would be most effective. They couldn’t put the propellers and the elevators up front so they put them in back of the wings and drove them by chains.

But they flew! They get all of the credit because they did it.

Later designers knew the aircraft would go up so they put the power, the propeller up front where it is more powerful because its operating in undisturbed air.  The Wright brothers changed the direction of humanity with their intellects and perseverance. We are most grateful. Because of them I went to 92 countries. Without them I never would have been out of Pennsylvania.  Well, perhaps to New Jersey and New York but they aren’t countries.