Apr 142019

In 1868, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution gave blacks equal protection under the law. In 1870, the 15th Amendment granted blacks the right to vote.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 on June 25, 1941. It opened national defense jobs and other government jobs to all Americans regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. But what was promised, equality, .. has not happened. Perhaps even worse, according to many people it failed and will never happen because…. Well, there are far too many reasons given to list them here but the gross unfairness to people who never discriminated, who never ever were unfair caused a lot of resentment that’s been welling up on both sides of the black-white spectrum.

A growing body of literature is being published that is putting the civil rights issue under increased scrutiny. A great body of information is quietly being covered up lest it stir up even more race based resentment based on things like the throwing a child over a third floor railing at the Mall of America. An anonymous website wrote that “Given the increasing number of attacks like this, it won’t be long before the vast majority of Americans conclude that the Civil Rights Movement was the most evil and deleterious attack on the nation since the 1965 Naturalization Act. And yes, this is yet another example of an unprovoked black-on-white attempted murder. It doesn’t matter if “you don’t see color,” not that anyone takes your sanctimonious pretense seriously. The point is, those who hate you do.” Isn’t it time to address the hate instead of the color? There’s no need to try to undue what’s been done, as if that were even possible but the future seems to be stuck when it comes to civil rights but not on civil wrongs.  

Apr 142019

They are not the best people or even the good people but some of the worst among us. In one of the worst ideas, Cory Booker who is friends with Oprah and Spike Lee, wants to control your freedom and liberty, not criminals who commit crimes, not the people who are out of control; not the people who are the worst among us and who kill because they are criminals who have insufficient respect for other people but the guns that have no capacity to think at all. It’s dumber than blaming gasoline for car homicides.But Boinker is known for saying dumb things. You may ask, how could someone who graduated Stanford, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and received a law degree from Yale, be called stupid. Well if you’ve watched his histrionics and shameless grandstanding that only a 9 year-old could buy into, you understand. But maybe it’s the hoards of idiots who actually believe his act that are the stupid ones. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Unfortunately because of our freedom for all, he is officially running for President. He’s been unofficially running for most of his political career. He uses racism and other hateful identity politics to continue to sew division among Americans where in New Jersey, as mayor of Newark, his constituents got what he was all about pretty quickly.

Booker grew up as a rich son of IBM executives in the white, leafy upper-class New Jersey suburb of Harrington Park—about an hour’s drive from Newark where the average income is $115,000 a year. The town is 84% white, 14% Asian, 2.57% Latino and .04% black. Since Cory is such a fan of race-based identity politics, we thought he would enjoy sharing that.

As mayor of Newark and having vowed to strengthen the police department, he instead cut it by 13 percent to help balance the city’s budget. Homicides and violent crime spiked dramatically. Unemployment rose and child poverty increased 32 percent. And all of this came at a price of a 20 percent tax hike for the city’s residents.

Apr 142019

“Jim, don’t act so pompous saying we don’t spy,” she said. “That the word should be the human source and act like you didn’t do what you did. And I don’t care if you call it a spy, human source, intelligent seeker, gather or a ghost — a spy is a spy. And rose by any other name is still a rose. And by the way, in the first (FISA) application, that you signed, it says that not only do foreign powers engage in spying the U.S. to obtain information but that Russia has tried to influence elections since the 1960s.”

“I’ll bet you never tried to wiretap Barack Obama’s campaign,” Pirro continued. “You couldn’t get Barr to recuse himself in your liberal friends couldn’t either. So, the liberal faculty circus will attempt to destroy him. I got the news. That’s never going to happen. The days of no accountability and no consequence are over. Jim, history will not work kindly on you. Bill Barr is everything you are not: a quiet professional, someone who understands that lady justice is blindfolded for a reason. The days of lies and coverups are over. Enjoy your freedom, Jim while you’ve got it.”

Apr 142019

Supposedly he helped Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning find a password that worked to open secret files. That’s like Home Depot making a key to a file cabinet that’s used to open it and steal the contents. Home Depot is not part of the crime even though they made the key to the lock. Julian Assange is and should be protected by the American idea of a free press. 

Apr 142019

Being Muslim does not mean hating America but in the case of Ilham Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Rashita Tlaib it definitely means that. All three of these dark denizens are not only against America, in the specific case of Ocasio she compared president Trump to Hitler. She claimed president Trump needed a woman to vilify which of course is nonsense on a stick. Ocasio is a woman, true but she’s an enemy of the Left, an enemy of president Trump and the Democrats will be well-served when she’s out of the American Congress. Omar has inverted the 9/11 terror committed against Americans by Muslims in the name of Islam into an attack on Islam by the American people.

Thousands of Americans were victims of radical Islam on 9/11; thousands more died in the Middle East when  then president Bush sent the American military to attack Saddam Hussein to defend the human rights of Muslims. Bush also sent tens of thousands of additional troops to quash Iraq’s terrorist insurgency. That cause now appears ill-fated, given the cultural illiberalism of the Arab and Muslim world.

So we have the outrageous spectacle of three women in congress who routinely atack president Trump and Americans with their charges of anti-Muslim bigotry. That’s a set of lies. It’s diversion, delusion and traitorous. History will not be kind to these people. 

Apr 142019

Here’s the article: HERE.
Boycotts work both ways. While the Yemeni supporters can boycott the New York Post by refusing to sell it customers can boycott the Yemeni stores by boycotting them. they will lose more than just the sales of the New York Post. People will stop buying the other products so the Yemeni’s are risking more than just their lost profits from the New York Post.
The Yemeni’s should have enough sense to know that Ilhan Omar doesn’t have clean hands in her constant criticism of all things Trump.

Apr 142019

Also, leadership Democrats and some freshmen Democrats have disagreed over how to respond to attacks on Omar, including accusations that her criticism of US policy on Israel was antisemitic. Last month, Omar apologized “unequivocally” after suggesting support for Israel was fueled by donations from a lobby group.

The response came after members of House leadership, including the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and majority leader, Steny Hoyer, called on Omar to “immediately apologize for these hurtful comments”.

“Legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies is protected by the values of free speech and democratic debate that the United States and Israel share,” they said in a joint statement. “But Congresswoman Omar’s use of antisemitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive.”

Republicans were already threatening action against Omar and the Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib – the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress – over past comments that have been denounced as antisemitic. The women, both outspoken critics of the Israeli government, have faced charges of antisemitism since arriving in Congress last month.

The controversy began with a tweet on Sunday night, when Omar responded to a journalist who accused the Republican minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, of “attacking free speech” by targeting Omar and Tlaib, who is Palestinian American, for expressing a divergent view on Israel.

“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Omar responded, a reference to Benjamin Franklin, whose face is on the $100 bill.

After September 11, she said, advocates “recognized that some people did something”. Omar is a terribly mis-programmed individual full of hate against America and especially against president Trump while she hypocritically denies what she says. …