Apr 112019

To visit a special young man who is being treated for a very rare condition in his brain. Ertz towered over the third graders at St. Norbet School in Paoli and gave J.D. Sobota an Eagles Jersey with #86 which J.D. immedaitely put on. Ertz also signed a personal autograph for each one of J.D.’s classmates. A most generous use of his personal time to visit one single young man and hopefully it will help JD beat the disease. 

Apr 112019

Yes, and the issues are: how many, what kind, who gets to approve the secrecy and when is it wrong? Government should never violate the Individual Right to Privacy but there is no Right to a wrong. An individual has no Right to keep crimes secret or a responsibility to expose them.

The indictment of Julian Assange about breaking into the U.S. government’s computers is supposed to be the crime here but the mere possession of secret info is always a crime and that’s the essential and existential issue here.. . Another problem is the distinction. People can cite “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States,” which is what the indictment specifically accuses Assange of doing, — breaking into a computer. Assange was conspiring with Manning to crack a password stored on Defense Department computers.

That, say experts, is a crime that stays well away from press freedom issues. No it doesn’t.. Not at all…

“Journalists do not assist sources in cracking passwords. Journalists are actually given legal training to tell them NOT to do stuff like that,” said Bradley Moss, a Washington lawyer who focuses on national security issues.

But Assange’s supporters say that the case is still about media freedom.

His arrest constitutes “an unprecedented effort by the United States seeking to extradite a foreign journalist to face criminal charges for publishing truthful information,” said Assange’s US lawyer Barry Pollack. Yes, we get that and the information was obtained by a break-in. Breaking into a computer is a crime. Then he stole secret information. It’s like breaking into a vault to steal some papers. The breaking into the vault is the crime that’s similar to what Assange is being charged with. But, … no matter how the secrte info was obtained, it’s a crime. The issue is in this cas should it be a crime.

If he had just published what Manning stole, supposedly, he would be in the clear but he helped Manning with the break-in. The case is muddled… Most people are with Assange. The Ratio is huge..

What will Trump do?? What should he do? This will not end well. It’s in the middle of ending and will remain so for decades. Perhaps it will never end, this oppression and control by oppressors and controllers. . .. 


Apr 112019

Stone said he always found Barbara Bush to be vindictive, inebriated, self-important and rude. On another note, Stone wrote that he read that Natasha Bertrand left The Atlantic and went to Politico. She is among the most dishonest and disingenuous journalists in the media today and essentially writes whatever horseshit is fed to her by House Democrats. She will be right at home at Politico. My grandfather’s name was Stone which is a shortened version of his hereditary surname.  

Apr 112019

Assange is coming to America where we will find out if freedom of the press is more important than keeping the lid on  government malpractice like spying on Trump and on his campaign. The U.N. declared he is being arbitrarily held captive, i.e., detained. Edward Snowden is involved in a similar set of charges and is in Russia where is is protected from extradition. 

President Donald Trump praised WikiLeaks repeatedly in the late stages of his election, in which he defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks rose to fame posting confidential items such as the U.S. military manual on handling prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, documents from the Church of Scientology, emails from Sarah Palin and pager messages in New York from 9/11. But the website really gained attention in 2010, publishing hundreds of thousands of pages of classified documents related to U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assange said he’s afraid if he leaves the embassy, he could end up being extradited and facing the death penalty in the United States over allegations of revealing government secrets through his site, WikiLeaks,  if he is charged and convicted of publishing U.S. government secrets.


Apr 112019

Mussolini, Mao, Hitler, Idi, Muammar, Stalin, the notorious SS, the KGB, the Checka, the GPU,  SMERSH, the Inquisition, had nothing on the American FBI, the CIA and America’s Secret Police because of Hi-Tech. 

President Obama’s spying on Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is the worst element in a tyrannical government that has it’s basis in the powers of a dictator, no different in principle than Castro, Mao or Stalin.

Let’s be honest here.

What was done to Trump is worse than if a tin-horn dictator did it in a small country like Panama because no other culture anywhere ever was supposed to be as righteous as America.  That’s been wiped out thanks to Obama, Hillary, Comey, Clapper, and that special bastard ex-CIA head John Brennan, all of whom are involved in spying on a private citizen.