Mar 132019

Ignorance is a problem. So is naivete. Ocasio has both. It’s up to the Democrats to handle her. Her district in the Bronx and Queens is highly controllable and it will be controlled during the next campaign in 2020. Rest assured Democrat operatives are in the neighborhoods and working to get themselves back in control. Ocasio will go. 

Mar 132019

Flip the circuit breakers to shut off power to the elevator trim motors.  The elevators can be controlled by the pilot’s yoke and the elevator trim will have to be set manually or it will not work which means the pilots will have to fly the aircraft by hand without trim assistance. That’s what the yoke or “stick” is for. 

“The preliminary report into the Oct. 29 of a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash confirms that the pilots struggled with the automatic trim as it responded to faulty inputs, although they appear not to have activated the cut-out switch for this system.” The “Cut-Out-Switch” is the circuit breaker for the auto-elevator trim. 

In the alternative, the pilots can disengage the entire auto-pilot control and simply fly the aircraft manually which is what the controls are for. 

Mar 132019

Ann is a thinker, talker and writer who recently demanded to know the precise Lat and Long  of America’s wall. She probably just want’s some information. I’m positive she won’t help construct it even though there must be some kind of job for her to do if she really wanted to help. That’s the problem with talkers. they seldom do anything to help. Yak, yak, yakety yak wont get the wall built. 

Mar 132019


Of course the obvious answer to the problems of the Mantua neighborhood is JOBS. The problem is there are too few jobs available for the people of Mantua so the crime rates are too high and the average income is too low. What is to be done? 

The video shows a really solid bunch of buildings. Sure, there’s trash in the streets, some houses with boarded up windows and doors but there’a a basic solidarity to the buildings. The roof’s are solid. The walls are solid. Very few look to have problems as the video flyover shows.  Perhaps the copper pipes are gone, sold for scrap. Probably the water, gas and electric are off in too many of the homes but the buildings are solid despite the lack of maintenance over these many years. PROMISEZONE

Jobs would help if the locals have the abilities and skills needed to do what is required by the job. Here’s where the problem is. One job per person. Perhaps two part time or one full time. 

What kind of work can the average community person do? They can read, They can drive cars and trucks. They can do some of the work needed for construction but there’s almost no need for construction in Mantua. No problem, There’s SEPTA. Plus the streets, roads and highways can help get workers and managers to the places where the jobs are.  The jobs have to be jobs the locals can do. 

But Philly has no jobs. Most investors have abandoned Philly. Still, there are plenty of jobs in and around Philly. What’s needed is a way to match people to jobs and to figure out how to get the individuals to the job locations. That’s where public transportation, SEPTA comes in. Mantua has loads of public transportation. The Route 38 bus is a fantastic resource. It goes from Chinatown in Center City all the way through Mantua to City Line Ave into the Manyunk area and on to the Wissahickon transportation canter. It’s possible to get connections all along the way so the people of Mantua are not limited in where they can travel to work.  How About A New McDonald’s For Low-Cost Eats?

Here’s a list of 31 jobs the average Mantua worker could do:
parking lot attendant
cleaner or janitor
fast food worker
line operator
sewing machine operator (semi-automatic)
construction laborer
information desk clerk, and
vegetable harvester/picker (and some other types of farm workers)
retail salesperson
security guard
telephone solicitor
flight attendant
taxi driver
laundry operator
nurse’s assistant
furniture mover
file clerk,
secretary or administrative assistant
sales representative
customer service representative
office clerk
teacher or teacher’s aide
fast food cook
travel agent,
mortgage processor.

Let’s not give up on Mantua. It’s a great neighborhood with plenty of solid houses and good public transportation. All that’s needed to get people to the next level is jobs. Where are they? Here’s where you can help. Whenever you see a help wanted sign get it to Mantua. maybe call or contact:  Philadelphia  Local Initiatives Support Corporation, (LISC) at 718 Arch Street, Suite 500 South, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Telephone: (215) 923-3801. Or, contact the Job Bank or any of the many organizations that specialize in helping connect jobs to people. All the best.   


Mar 132019

It’s a video w/voice over, mostly about what’s going on in the 60 city block Mantua neighborhood of Philly and how the Democrat politicians have done nothing that works which in turn keeps the poverty and crime going in Mantua and in a lot of other most unfortunate places in America. VIDEO. 

Mar 132019

“Sputnik” was half Timber wolf and half Tundra wolf…100% wolf and she was gentile towards her human family which included two babies. A special cyclone fenced yard was her home for many years. Several people entered her yard to give her treats or just to quietly sit with her and enjoy her presence. No one else would dare come in. No animals came in but if they did they met Sput. Oh well. 

She came as a small puppy with a puppy pus which grew into a strong jaw that could and did crush bone. She was an amazingly smart animal. A great pet who is missed. She was replaced later by a border collie, the smartest dog. No mistake that. Zha was smarter than other dogs. Another loving pet. Replaced by Commander Ricker, a full bred 100% Siberian Husky, as lovable as the other dogs, perhaps more since he’s here now. 

This was prompted by the story of “Yuki”  HERE a giant wolf near the end because of blood cancer. Another great big lovable animal who is at home with his human family at a shelter. Good.

Mar 132019

Without Comment: Calculations show teachers are limited to five 45 minute, (.75 hr), classes a day for 180 days. That’s .75 x 5 classes a day x 180 days a year = 675 classroom hours each year. If the maximum salary is raised to $122,000/year it calculates to $122,000/675 hrs which equals $180.74 per hour of teaching. Yes, of course there’s the time needed to prepare for each class and time to get from room to room which brings the total time each day to eight hours. If mealtime can be scheduled at the beginning or the end of the day then only seven hours a day is needed to be at work and if a subject is taught once the daily notes for class prep need not be repeated so the 675 hours a year gets pretty close to the actual time spent actually teaching and hours at work. It’s even less when roll call and announcements are subtracted to calculate the actual time teaching.    

Internationally the number of teaching hours per year in public lower secondary schools averages 707 hours but
ranges from 505 hours per year in Japan to over 1 000 hours in Mexico (1 047 hours) and the
United States (1 080 hours).

According to the Pew Research Center, US primary school children spend an average of 943 hours in the classroom each year.Among 33 mostly developed nations, annual “total intended instructional time” averaged 790 hours for primary students (ranging from 470 hours in Russia to 1,007 hours in Chile) according to data compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. For the international equivalent of U.S. middle-schoolers, average annual required hours increased to 925 (ranging from 741 hours in Sweden to 1,167 hours in Mexico). Using 790 hours a year the Bensalem cost per teaching hour increases to $122,000 divided by 741 hours which equals $164.64 per hour