Mar 082019

Kevin Barrett writing on the UNZ review is about as biased in favor of fellow Muslim prejudiced and bigoted Ilham Omar as he claims she was correct that Israel controls America or American Foreign Policy or something along those lines. Barrett is not at all clear why he supports Omar but you can bet it’s about their common religion that over-qualifies them as Jew Haters. These are sick people. 

So far as people having dual loyalties to America and Israel, it’s no different than liking ice cream and lobster. People can like and love and hate many different things in different ways. A loyal American can also support Israel. American’s can hold dual passports. No big deal. Jewish people can support Israel and America just as Roman Catholics can support the pope and the president. It’s done by differentiating between the different things. It’s quite easy to do. It’s done all the time. The problem for Barrett and Omar is that they hate Israel. That’s as irrational as hating France.

Why Ron Unz adds Barrett to it’s contributors is a mystery because Unz want’s to do the right things while Barrett only wants to defy America which he does by supporting Omar who has very wrong ideas about Jews.  

Mar 082019

Dutch author and sociologist Ruud Koopmans said this week : Muslims are more difficult to integrate into Western society than other migrant groups because of a literal interpretation of the Koran prevalent among Muslims. Mogadishuanian Ilham Omar and 100% Palestinian Rashid Tlaib agree.

It’s considered bad form to ask if Ilham is bald or with thinning hair because she refuses to show the top of herself.

These two are a test of the ideas of freedom. They were put her by Satan, Satin sellers who sew-up hijibs as marketing devices. They have made Laura Ingraham’s crucifix into small potatoes ..