Mar 052019

Black journalists’ group places CNN on ‘special monitoring list’ but fails to include non-black other-raced people on it’s own management team. Using race to prove race isn’t important as a selection criteria isn’t race neutral, is it? 

Mar 052019

He was a good pilot. Reports that he wasn’t are simply wrong. He had night flying experience. He had experience flying on instruments. His Saratoga aircraft is a pussycat to fly.
JFK Jr’s recovered aircraft shows signs that the right side of the fuselage  appears to have been abruptly ruptured outwards, possibly from an explosion.

A report from Angelfire reads: “In light of The Martha’s Vineyard Times interview with Victor Pribanic, for example, who heard an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION at the time JFK Jr.’s plane “went missing”, and the other eyewitnesses who both heard AND saw an explosion in the sky as explained below–you will for the sake of all take a non-prejudicial look at the package of information included herein on the GREAT NUMBER of unexplained factors regarding the tragic crash which SERIOUSLY conflict with what has up until now been saturating the mass media.

Especially noteworthy also is the fact that Catherine Crier of FOX-TV reported on The Crier Report that Kennedy had been set to meet with high-ranking Israeli and Mossad officials in his ongoing pursuit of further information for his ongoing expose of the Rabin assassination. George magazine had ALREADY published a 13 page article on the conspiracy behind RABIN’S murder involving Israeli Secret service (Shabak).

THE BIG POINT The one TREMENDOUSLY important fact is that Kennedy radioed the Martha’s Vineyard airport at 9:39 PM; indicating his position, location and trajectory; indicating a smooth flight in every imaginable sense of the word; indicating a calm, collected and completely “in control” state of mind on his part and complete command of his craft. This vital fact is made note of in a UPI press report datelined July 17, Aquinnah, (Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. The UPI article refers to both WCVB-TV Boston and ABC News (national) as having also reported this crucial information.

SECONDS LATER, according to radar returns this craft was plunging toward the ocean LIKE A ROCK; at the rate of 100 ft. per second. Again, this radio call was made AFTER the time investigators are now claiming Kennedy’s flight was in serious trouble… according to their conveniently and “recently discovered” phony radar evidence. The UNQUESTIONABLE fact of the time of Kennedy’s radio contact INVALIDATES COMPLETELY all such claims of distress being shown on radar by Kennedy’s plane.

WCVB-TV Boston, ABC News and the July 17 UPI article all report this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT fact.

ALL MENTION of this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT radio contact as subsequently REMOVED from news accounts of the tragedy by SUNDAY MORNING, July 18.

It was not until July 19/20 that some “newly discovered” radar data supposedly showed Kennedy’s plane executing unusual maneuvers and indicating definite signs of difficulties such as losing altitude… WELL BEFORE 9:39 PM.

Therefore this newly discovered radar “evidence” is clearly and provably false information proffered for malicious intent to implement a COVER-UP of the true facts concerning the cause of the crash.


MANY other points of evidence as brought up in our series of articles SUPPORT this most IMPORTANT fact. There was nothing wrong with his plane or his skills as a pilot, nothing to indicate trouble of any kind just seconds before the plane was BLOWN OUT OF THE SKY!!


Mar 052019

“It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby” said Arab Mogadishu Somalia born Ilhan Omar. She’s been in America for 27 years and speaks Somali as a first language. . Ocasio-Cortez supported her meaning Ocasio supported Omar’s derogatory comments about the Jews and money which is what “the Benjamin’s” a reference to $100 bills means. She suggested on Twitter that money from pro-Israel lobbyists drove Republican support for — and the defense of — Israel. How dismissive of Israel can she be? Very, Very dismissive. She seems to really hate Jews.

Omar joined Democrats Ro Khanna and Tulsi Gabbard in denouncing the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Juan Guaidó, the leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as the new president of Venezuela. These people are mixed up Crap Weasels. 

Omar made history as the first Somali-Minnesotan anti-Semite  elected to the Legislature in 2016 before winning her congressional seat in November. Look how politically correct she is. 1. Female. 2. Somali. 3. Muslim. 4. Anti-Semitic by religion and 5. anti-Semitic by birth.

According to a campaign staffer in 2018, Omar identifies as a Democratic Socialist who wants free college for all however, unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, who were also elected to Congress in 2018, Omar was neither a member of nor endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. So what does it mean that she identifies as a Democratic Socialist but is not a member of the Democratic Socialists? It means she cannot be trusted to know what she’s talking about and that she tells fibs.
Bottom line here is that there are more crazies in Congress than ever.

Mar 052019

It’s in the book “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry” by Colin Flaherty as said to him by a gang-banger who liked to take over homes when the owners were out, raid the food in the refrigerator, steal the T.V.’s, furniture and the coats and stuff and lie around smoking crack.  Flaherty lives in Wilmington Delaware which is majority black and has the highest murder rate in America.

HEADLINE IN DELAWARE ONLINE:”  most dangerous place in America for youth”


It’s Criminal Violence…. Stop Blaming In On Guns!!….

Mar 052019

Like Free College.. Not paying for as much as you can get away with is a central feature of her life and her daughters. 

While it’s easy to understand how her struggles could’ve shaped her daughter’s political platform, including a free single-payer health care system, free college tuition, affordable housing, higher taxes on the rich and a war against climate change, Blanca said Alexandria was also inspired by the differences between towns and cities a few miles apart.

‘My daughter works from the heart,’ Blanca said. ‘What you see is what you get. She saw how unfair the system is, and she wants to change that. She saw struggling parents putting their children through school, but also how difficult life was for people in the Bronx compared to Yorktown. 

‘She saw the difference in education and status between parts of the family, and she just wants everybody to have the same opportunities.’

Her kid went to Boston College on everyone else’s money. The annual cost to attend Boston University on a full time basis for 2017/2018 is $70,302 for all students regardless of their residency. This fee is comprised of$50,980 for tuition, $15,270 room and board, $1,000 for books and supplies and $1,102 for other fees, $281,208 for four years. What’s so fair about getting someone else to pay $281,208 for your kids college? What’s so fair about getting everyone else to pay for your medical bills? How is it fair that rich people pay the taxes for the poor? Now that her daughter is part of the problem her mom still want’s someone else to pay for college etc… That’s not the same freedom for everyone. That’s fraud against your neighbors. Well some of us don’t like the fact that someone who didn’t pay for what she got doesn’t like us, we the people who paid for her.   

Mar 052019

Get it right, Lefties and gun grabbers, for a change get it right. Stop overlooking and under-reporting crime because of race. Stop blaming crime on guns. Stop blaming Trump and the Tea Parties for everything and get it right…. Criminals kill people. Not guns, not race, not politics and certainly not the largest group of victims in America, ..that would be the innocent which are mostly the beleaguered white people who are innocent but are blamed by the Left, the media, …by the teachers, by Hollywood, By Late Night TV….

NO? …Read the textbooks that condemn first of all Christopher Columbus, then Washington, Jefferson, then condemn white people and hang white guilt all over them using  “implicit bias,” a term used to describe unconscious prejudice which only white people are supposed to have. . From multinational corporations to police departments, organizations have tried to tackle the so-called problem by hiring consultants to lead diversity or unconscious-bias training. But the science behind the approach is debated. A 2016 meta-analysis of 494 studies on the topic found little evidence that reducing implicit bias affects behavior. What they miss is that like the man on the stairs, it isn’t there. 

White people are bad at admitting implicit bias and therefore good at denying the realities of racism, says Robin DiAngelo, who has studied how white people are racists but not people of other races… She’s a one-way street against whites. She conducts workshops on race, including implicit bias, and recently provided Starbucks with feedback on training support and follow-up. 

“I don’t believe it’s humanly possible to be free of bias,” DiAngelo said. But she does believe we can work on it. 

Eight in 10 blacks say racism is a big problem in American society but that they aren’t part of the problem with their Affirmative Action, their call for reparation’s for slavery, and about half of whites say the same, according to the Pew Research Center. However, 55% of whites believe whites are discriminated against in America today, according to a poll from Harvard, NPR and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Is everyone racist? 

So DiAngelo wrongly thinks that “While everyone has racial bias, I reserve the word ‘racist’ to describe the bias that white people have (Only White People? Isn’t that a bit strange that only one race is guilty of being racist but others, especially black people aren’t and cannot be racist?).. This is called stacking the deck. It’s like loading the dice then complaining the game is rigged. It’s how incapable people are promoted because of the color of their skin. Works for unqualified people as well as against those more qualified.. DiAngelo utterly fails to get a true picture of for example crime and the contribution of race to it’s cause. She wrote a one-side of the street book on race called White Fragility.. Yeah, got that… What about black fragility if everyone has race bias? Isn’t it convenient for her purposes that she consults about white privilege without really knowing the differences of race? She’s a race thug.