Feb 082019

Paul Blair, director of strategic initiatives at Americans for Tax Reform said this about Ocasio’s  Green New Deal which seeks, in part to eliminate air travel. “It reads like word vomit from a 13-year-old child.”  

According to an overview of Ocasio’s resolution, replacing aircraft will be accomplished, in part, by “build[ing] out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.” Children are prone to fantastic ideas that cannot be accomplished but they cannot understand that until they learn more about the real world. Adults who are still prone to child-like fantasies are abnormal. In plain words they are nuts. 

Feb 082019

There’a simply no way possible for “Sandy” as she was known in her past to be considered say Irish, German or , Japanese or Lithuanian-German. She was born in the Bronx and reminds us of the delightful bubble-head Roseanne Roseannadanna.

There are more Puerto Rican’s in mainland America,  5.6 million, than there are in Puerto Rico, 3.3 million. Alexandria’s fraternal grand-parents were both immigrants from Puerto Rico who both were born in Puerto Rico which makes her father 100% Puerto Rican. Her mother is 100% born in Puerto Rico. Her 100% Puerto Rican father was born in the Bronx. So was Alexandria. No wonder she doesn’t act 100% American even though she was born on American soil right in the Bronx. She is 100% Puerto Rican by birth. 

Recent studies in population genetics show the Puerto Rican gene pool is on average predominantly European, with a significant Sub-Saharan African, Guanche and Indigenous American substrate, the latter two originating in the aboriginal people of the Canary Islands and Puerto Rico’s pre-Hispanic Taíno inhabitants, respectively. No wonder Alexandria is conflicted as to her nationality. 

Proof of Alexandria’s Personality Conflict is her use of the hyphenated non-American surname Ocasio-Cortez. Her American surname is the last name of her father Sergio Ocasio. Americanly she is Alexandria Ocasio, a perfectly acceptable Spanish name. In the traditions of cultures that use the last name of the mother as Ocasio does, are people outside America with a major difference. they are known by the surname of their father. The last name of their mother is not used in their daily life but is often put on a business card but not with a hyphen so Alexandria is purposely not following the American cultural standard nor is she correctly following the Spanish standard. Her standard while not unique to her is seen as a protest against her native born culture and is meant as a sign of disrespect towards America. .         

Feb 082019

It’s hardly the trial of the century unless you’re the one on trial. An almost pure political trial has been going on in a Bucks County Courtroom where the government, aka. “the Authorities” have Claire Risoldi in their sights. So far she’s been found guilty of most of the crimes she’s been charged with but not all of them. Does that make her innocent? It does if the answer is about the crimes she didn’t commit. And that makes the rest of the charges very, very suspicious. 

In fact the entire case is far too suspicious for a reasonable person to believe she’s guilty because, first of all, the PA Attorney General who charged her …. is in jail! That’s astounding because it taints the entire case against Claire Risoldi. 

Second, one of the worlds richest insurance companies, AIG with perhaps 60,000 employees doesn’t want to pay for Claire Risoldi’s losses so they went to the aforementioned PA Attorney General, the one who is in jail and somehow the insurance company didn’t have to pay for at least the last four years.

Third, the case has been rigged by “The Authorities” all along. Millions of dollars worth of Claire’s fabulous jewelry “went missing” meaning it was stolen during a fire at her mansion when only “The Authorities” were in the house.

Fourth, suppose someone who was in on or knowledgeable about the theft got themselves or one of their close relatives on the bench or on the jury. Just suppose. What would that do about the deliberations or the verdict? Just like the other “Authorities” who are beavering away behind the scenes to cover up the robbery, no judge in Bucks County is innocent enough to hold the trial of Claire Risoldi so another judge had to be found in a different county to try Risoldi but here’s the rub. Every citizen in entitled to a trial in their home district. That’s why a local jury is required under every Law in America. But not in this case. A foreign judge has been brought in by “the Authorities” to make sure the trial is on the up and up but how can Risoldi get a fair trial when the judge comes from far away? Answer, …she can’t.

Feb 082019

How can a city be lost? An article in FOX NEWS had this headline: 

“Lost city in South Africa revealed in stunning digital images”

Karim Sadr, a controversial professor of Iranian descent, who works at the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, said: “researchers have been hard at work (aren’t they always so described?) mapping and creating a digital reconstruction of part of the site.” Be careful, …. a digital creation means a computer was used to make-up an image. The city itself, supposedly 15 or so huts, is still lost. In other places some stones would be called some stones but in South Africa, a place where there was never ever a written language or a wheel and where fierce battles between fierce people actually happened and are still going, on a group of stones is very important.

Many people and a lot of evidence validates Southern and South Eastern Africa to be where humans first appeared on the planet. Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania is where Mary and Louis Leakey who were not native to the area, made the most important discoveries about the beginnings of humans on the earth.

The entire human race seems to have evolved from Africa.
Homo habilis, probably the first early human species, occupied Olduvai Gorge approximately 1.9 million years ago (mya); then came a contemporary australopithecineParanthropus boisei, 1.8 mya, followed by Homo erectus, 1.2 mya. Our species Homo sapiens, which is estimated to have emerged roughly 300,000 years ago, is dated to have occupied the site 17,000 years ago.

The Olduvai Gorge site is significant in showing the increasing developmental and social complexities in the earliest humans, or hominins, largely revealed in the production and use of stone tools. Prior to tools, evidence of scavenging and hunting can be noted—highlighted by the presence of gnaw marks that predate cut marks—and of the ratio of meat versus plant material in the early hominin diet. The collecting of tools and animal remains in a centralized area is evidence of developing social interaction and communal activity. All these factors indicate an increase in cognitive capacities at the beginning of the period of hominids transitioning to hominin—that is, to human—form and behavior.

Unfortunately Olduvai is 2,300 miles from “the site of the new city” so, … well lets not be too quick to accept some stones on South Africa as a city.

Why Europe, China and India developed advanced civilizations while the stone city in South Africa didn’t is a mystery. In addition it can be asked if the Ferguson Effect is what destroyed the South African city centuries before say steel could be discovered there so two story buildings could be built thus saving stones for, perhaps to be used against the police in riots?? Just askin’.