Feb 072019

See it HERE. 

OK, it’s a stamp catalog but it shows the official government postage stamps along with the dates of the events in colorful designs that are just great to look at.

Stamp collecting, ..called  philately, is a wonderful hobby that can easily and painlessly show the important people, events and places to anyone and it’s so important for the children to see and learn the correct history of America. Hat tip to Mystic and hats off to their catalog designers who have a hit book on their living hands.

The Scott Catalogue of postage stamps, published by Scott Publishing Co, a subsidiary of Amos Media, is the most popular and is updated annually and lists all the stamps of the entire world which its editors recognize as issued for postal purposes. It is published in eight large volumes (as of 2015). Mystic is a very small competitor but the Mystic catalog is a tremendous and beautiful resource. 

Feb 072019

She droned on about the most unfortunate childhood she had (she’s a YALE Lawyer) and everything except the success for her eating plan which may be one of her biggest accomplishments.

Abrams is a 44 year old great talker. She’s comfortable at a microphone and tells a great story but she was supposed to tell us what was wrong with president Trumps SOTU speech. She didn’t.. We wonder why. She had a copy of it hours before he presented it. She’s a lawyer who graduated YALE law, same as Hillary so she had all of the training and tools to answer the president’s claims and statements but she utterly failed to do what she was supposed to do which is: follow the rules. How hard was that? 

Abrams is a proud 5’3″ 176 pound non-white American. Her sister is a Federal Judge. Why didn’t Abrams answer the president’s SOTU speech? Ask her. We don’t know. 


Feb 072019

He has to sell newspapers, not provide justice in Bucks County so he had to postpone the February Reader Advisory Panel after he announced my appointment it. Of course my voice of reason would influence the Courier panel. Here’s the email I sent to Shane Fitzgerald after being advised I was appointed. 

Ideas For A Better Courier Times… To attract more advertisers by Bill O’Neill….

To attract more readers:

Report all municipal issues.

Summarize all police reports

Make the weather more important…. Bigger Images…. 3x a day, plus morning, evening and nighttime.

Report Harrisburg issues every day.

Report from each Bucks Co State Rep and Senator in Harrisburg.

Report from Federal Reps and the two Senators.

Report on Trump

International Summaries, at least Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Put in a daily word.

Put in a daily foreign language word.  Use three languages a year.

Daily restaurant review. Bucks, Philly and Burlington.

Add a Science section. Don’t be afraid of Physics, … explain it.

Include major stars as they appear in the evening and morning.

Feb 072019

What were they actually doing? …….Nothing. …. Nothing useful. …….. The rude small children in Congress, led by a miserable harridan who has no manners and who insulted the entire human race with her grimaces, tooth problems, rudeness, this poster child for Alzheimer’s, goofiness and falseness, Nancy Pelosi has serious mental issues and should be impeached for the good of America, her white working clothes should go to Salvation Army for sale for a nickel and the wicked white-wearing Congressional Mafia should walk to Hawaii. America should name an individuals cockroach after each witch in white then feed them to rats live on camera.   

Feb 072019

If you cannot see what isn’t there why is there so much black in the night sky? It’s pretty obvious that if there was nothing there you wouldn’t see anything but there it is, black everywhere except where there are stars and small stuff.

Why didn’t the Female Congress people and others wear Black since it the color of sorrow. Head for the light. . 

Feb 072019

MLK supported Love over Hate and light over darkness. What about the Democrat Women during president Trumps SOTU address? With all of their supposed embrace of Diversity and Multiculturalism you would have thought they would remind themselves of how against their principles it was to wear, …Ready?….. Gasp, …. WHITE!

How did that sea of white look to the various people who are not white? Or is it “My hate is bigger than your hate”? In fact the president want’s the Democrat women in white to support America and for just a few moments it looked like he succeeded. But it turned out Nancy Pelosi’s hate keep getting in the way of the re-unification.

Diversity drives out what exactly? ….. The majority. 

Diversity is meant as a dog whistle against the founders of America who, it is alleged by the Left were far too white for America and the left including people like Ocasio-Cortez who mean to erase the past that they don’t like and replace history using histrionics and outright lying. That’s the agenda of the Left and it’s worse than just replacing Capitalism with Socialism. The Left encouraged the destruction of Civil War statues. The Left wants the history books re-written and they began that several decades ago. They want the facts erased and authors who support things the left is against have been physically assaulted in the colleges and universities who object to diversity as their mood requires.