Feb 062019

The case against Claire Risoldi smells to high heaven.

The jurors have spoken. They were mislead by the prosecution and by their miserable little lives in holes underneath trees, those little troglodytes who couldn’t see what was going on. Hope that’s not the end of the case against Claire Risoldi.

This case is covered thick with slime, inhumanity, kill the rich and human tragedy all over it.

Claire’s expensive jewelry was stolen during a fire at her home. It’s value was in the millions. The Millions!!

Neither the insurance company  nor law enforcement did anything to find it even though her husband was a retired law enforcement officer. Why not??

Her husband Tom French, a retired Bucks County PA detective then committed suicide by shooting himself because of the charges against: Claire, himself, Claire’s two children and others. The Democrat Attorney General, now in prison, was the moving force that helped AIG, the massive international insurance company with 51,000 employees including bribe merchants, lawyers, judges or ex-judges, politicians both serving and retired, criminals in America and abroad and has annual revenue more than the entire tax revenue of many countries. In fact it has entire countries on the payroll. These thousands were mobilized in a conspiracy with the PA Attorney General to bilk, cheat and defraud Risoldi and millions like her, to not only avoid paying innocent Claire Risoldi’s rightful claim, but also to cause the death of her innocent husband. 

AIG is far, far more political than the befuddled PA Criminal Justice system.  

Claire Risoldi was a very, very helpful Republican Political Party fundraiser. By her innocent self she raised loads of money for the Republican party. She helped raise money for judges.  But every judge in Bucks County had to excuse themselves…. supposedly because of Claire Risoldi’s political fundraising. Each of the judges declined to help her battle against these charges. Why? Was there an integrity problem? Is it because of the politics involved? Every judge in PA both elected and appointed is covered with politics. Is it the possibility of the appearance of impropriety? If they weren’t appointed or elected because of politicians hence by their most impropitious behaviors they would not be on the bench.

There is one appeal to Commonwealth Court or to the Pennsylvania Superior court that can be made. So far there’s no decision to do that. If that appeal is un-successful a further appeal can be made to Pennsylvania Superior Court or to the United States Supreme court which would have very, very little chance of being successful simply because U.S. Supreme is a difficult court to access.

It stinks.