Feb 042019

Plenty of great ingredients work well in chili… almost every kind of meat but hamburger is the most popular. Pork, even ham, chicken, turkey work.

Beans can be added or not. Squash, Eggplant, Seeded Cucumbers, Broccoli, Even cauliflower but tomatoes seem to work the best. Any kind… every kind. Jalapeno’s, poblano’s and scotch bonnet peppers are popular as are green, red, yellow and orange peppers. The latter agree with more people but if’s it’s a pepper it will work in chili. 

Spices? Yep. all of the standard ones but chili powder is an all around favorite. Cumin is good. Lady Bird Johnson made a great chili called Pedernales Chili with only a few ingredients. If you want it less runny, add some cornstarch in a bit of water. 

Any kind of dark sausage but leave the brats for something else. 

Many flavors will get lost in chili. It’s a highly flavored dish and  far from French or similar so-called sophisticated foods. 

What to accompany it? Beer. Strong red wine, Rhone is good. Or a California Merlot or a good Cabernet work really well. Skip the whites. They will get lost with the intense flavor of chili. 

Cheese. Forget the brie. Get a strong cheddar. 

Don’t waste your time, effort and expense  with ingredients that aren’t strongly flavored. Espresso powder, cocoa powder are good. Add beer , wine, coffee to the chili but don’t thin it out. It it’s too thin bulk it up by adding more stuff or use the cornstarch. 

If some of the guests don’t like strong flavors make two different kinds. Slow cookers and crock pots work bu do do large wok type pots and they’re faster because they can boil off some of the water and thicken the mix. 

Don’t be afraid of failure. No one really knows what chili is supposed to taste like because there are so many different ways to make it so just go ahead and mix the stuff together. It’s so hard to make chili bad… it can be burned. It can cook so long that it becomes just mush but it takes a lot of effort to ruin chili. 

Here’a another tip…. get some great bread or rolls.  They can take a good chili into greatness. 

It works great during the cold winter season and it works during BBQ season. It’s a real can’t miss dish… and it really American. 

Feb 042019

That’s the essence of a lawsuit against the FBI and the Federal Government demanding documents to prove the claim.
Super lawyer Tom Fitton said:
“The real collusion scandal of the 2016 election is the effort by the Clinton campaign and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy on and destroy President Donald Trump. And it looks like the FBI is covering up documents on this Russiagate scandal, which is why we are again in federal court. HERE. 

Feb 042019

Third, … Make Sure they Are Taught To Hate Capitalism And, … Most Important, MAKE THEM HATE THE RICH!! … If that sounds like making people into Democrats it’s because it is. Some of the worst people are the highest ranking Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren who have one message at their basic assault on Capitalism. It’s hatred for money for you, not them as the dough keeps rolling in from the chuckle-heads who believe their crap. 

Feb 042019

So many of his passes were incomplete with a bounced ball interception and so many were caught which along with the Patriots running game made the difference as Belichicks boys chewed up and ground up the Rams.

Statistically it wasn’t even close. The Pats made 407 yards. The Rams made 260. Advantage 22% more yards for the Patriots . Far too lopsided for LA to have won. It’s part of why they lost although the game looked closer than the stats show. 

New England was on the offence for 33.17 minutes. Rams for 26.83 minutes which is 10.6% more time on the field for the Patriots.  Goff was sacked 4 times, Brady once. Big problem for the Rams who were a great great team that was outplayed.