Feb 032019

The half-time performer will kneel to show stupid people how to fail to get power. The response will be to simply turn off the TV. Stop watching the political nonsense of the Left as they are desperate to become relevant once again but it could be worse. President Obama could appear by descending from heaven where he’s been put by the losers who elected Trump because they hated the direction of the country. 

Feb 032019

Flight 33 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Maui’s Kahului Airport returned to the airport twice and back to the starting gate once, a total of three times because of too much caution. “….Our aircraft have redundant systems, yet our standard is to respond to any indication of abnormalities with an abundance of caution.”

Does that mean that when they fly they throw caution to the winds?

Feb 032019

The 59 year old Democrat Governor of Virginia admitted he was one of the two people standing still in a photograph in his that showed one person in blackface makeup and the other in a Ku Klux Klan pointy top white sheet. Less than 24 hours later he denied it. 

President Trump used the occasion to condemn Governor Ralph Northam’s stance on very late term abortion which had nothing at all to do with the photo but of course it has everything to do with what the doctor believes about very late term abortion. Trump showed his usual political brilliance in connecting two unrelated issues. 

“Eric Holder: Northam Should Resign, National Conversation Needed About ‘Racist Symbols’.” Just for the record, is substance and/or actions as important or more important than symbols? We go with actions. Holder goes with symbols… Very well, he believes the symbol of slavery is more important than actual enslavement.

Holder is not a very precise man despite a superior education and great qualifications. He want’s to talk more about race but that’s almost impossible. Race talk colors everything in the Liberal Left’s playbook. If they keep talking about race instead of changing things the talk will never stop but the attitudes wlil stay the same or even worsen. 

Here’s another question for Holder? Why didn’t you practice what you preach when you got married? 

Holder should grasp that he should support each race as important, not symbols, actual people of different races and the actions, not the belief’s because belief’s are part of what is protected by the freedom to speak , … or not.. 

Race is a great political tool that can be used to stop debate by bringing up actions between races because it is always available.