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The plane literally fell out of the sky into Long Island Sound at a high rate of descent. Kennedy’s flight path is well known by now. Here’s the record of the final minute of the flight:

21:39 (9:39 PM) The aircraft entered a left turn (towards the East) and climbed to 2,600 feet. As it continued in the turn the aircraft began a descent. Soon, the aircraft was descending at 900 feet per minute. which is 10 miles an hour. From 2,600 feet it would have hit the water in 2.9 minutes. That would be more than enough time for JFK Jr. to recover .  

The aircraft stopped turning, flying East now, towards the Martha’s Vineyard airport but it continued to descend at 900 feet per minute.

20:40:15 Still descending, the aircraft entered a right turn. As the turn rate increased, the descent rate and the airspeed also increased. That’s the mark of a poor pilot. As an aircraft is turned the wings lose some lift so the  pilot would raise the nose a bit to keep it at the same altitude. the airspeed would decrease but JFK Jr’s airspeed increased indicating he didn’t try to keep the plane level. 

21:40 Radar contact with the aircraft was lost. The last radar signal showed it at 1,100 feet flying the wrong way, away from Martha’s Vineyard.

At the end, the aircraft was descending at 4,700 feet per minute. That’s 53 miles an hour down. You have never, ever been in an airplane that was going down at 53 miles and hour. At 53 miles and hour it would fly into the water from 1,100 feet in 14 seconds. That’s not enough time for an upset pilot to figure out what’s going on and recover the aircraft.

The question is: why was the aircraft descending at 53 miles an hour? One conclusion is the elevator control, the wire going from the pilot’s control wheel to the elevator snapped or was severed. It’s about 1/8 inch thick and more than strong enough to control the elevators but if it was partially severed it would snap when it was pulled on hard as JFK Jr. tried to get the aircraft to stop descending. The engine was running when the aircraft hit the water. 

Or, the elevator cable could have been rubbing on something and it finally snapped. Or it could have been purposely severed during the flight with perhaps an explosive.

But the aircraft was inspected after the crash and there’s no report that the elevator called the stabilator cable was broken. It notes however that “Control cable circuitry for the stabilator trim was established from the control surfaces to the cockpit area. An examination of the stabilator trim barrel jackscrew revealed that (only?) one full thread was protruding out of the upper portion of the trim barrel assembly housing. The barrel assembly was free to rotate and had the trim control cable wrapped around it. An examination of the stabilator trim barrel jackscrew revealed that the two cable ends were separated (broken) about 41 inches and 37 inches, respectively, from the barrel assembly winding. Examination of the separations revealed evidence consistent with tensile overload.”  The conclusion would be: the stabilator trim cable had broken when the stabilator was torn from the fuselage. 

OTOH did the stabilator trim cause the stabilator to be stuck in a nose-down position which would have caused the aircraft to rapidly descend? Would only “one full thread” protruding indicate the stabilator trim was almost full nose down?
And, …why did the trim cable seperate but the stabilator cables didn’t? They all are in the same area…

Or, …. Was the trim in the full nose up position indicating JFK Jr. was trying to get the stabilator in the full up position to stop the descent?

Or, … was the trim cable broken before the rapid descent? Was it sabotaged? . Hummmm

Read the NTSB report HERE. .  




Feb 022019

That’s how committed he is to getting the border in place. The details are that a judge mis-ruled, …made a mistake that is under appeal. The value of the settlement seems to be above $750 million US. The appeal is a simple matter of getting justice. If/when it’s successful the private citizen want’s to spend the money to construct part of the wall.

This is in addition to the campaign, “We The People Will Fund The Wall,” that was started by veteran Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee who lives in Florida. A GoFundMe campaign received more than $6 million in contributions for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border .

“As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today,” Kolfage wrote on the campaign’s page. Kolfage, tired of inaction on the wall, started the campaign Sunday and began promoting it Monday. The goal of the campaign is to raise $1 billion, one-fifth of the funding Trump asked lawmakers for. The $375 million is over one third of the money needed for president Trumps $1 billion dollar wall and none of that is from government funds. 


Feb 022019

Comes from his major attributes as a real estate mogul, a master of marketing, and a super successful businessman. Trump is in tune with his times. He went a different way with his own super airliner. When confronted by opponents he figured out how to side-step them and go to the head of the line like at the Iowa Fair. 

In August, 2015 Trump was told he could not give the kids free helicopter rides at the Iowa fair.

“State Fair spokeswoman Mindy Williamson said Trump is not getting permission for the novel campaign attraction, according to The Des Moines Register.

“He is welcome to land his helicopter anywhere outside the grounds and take people on rides or whatever he would like to do,” Williamson said.

“But that will not be happening on Iowa State Fair grounds,” she added.

Trump received permission from an adjacent farmer, whirled into the Iowa State Fair this weekend on his private helicopter, and gave rides to kids and their parents free of charge..

Trump flew to Iowa on Saturday morning on his 757 after a rally in New Hampshire the previous night, before taking his helicopter from the airport toward the fair.


Feb 022019

‘This Is America’ Is the New Minstrel Show

“Donald Glover’s music video “This Is America” attracted 7.2 million views in one day, when it went viral after its release Friday. That record-setting number suggests a sort of online plebiscite, and yet it’s  hard to take Glover seriously. His four-minute piece combines rapping, dancing, and violence into deliberately theatrical agitprop, 

“For those who remember that rich period of soul-music renaissance, the exhibition of black folks raving and ranting in This Is America is little more than a pale distortion of Mayfield’s truly provocative album cover for There’s No Place Like America Today. Mayfield repurposed Margaret Bourke-White’s 1937 photo of blacks standing in a Depression-era food line, beneath a billboard depicting a prosperous white family. Mayfield flipped cultural nostalgia to show his exclusion from it. But Gambino-Glover’s nostalgia for the civil-rights-era version is uninformed by reality.  His pop-culture disillusionment is warped by the disoriented expectations black Americans felt during the Obama era, which, now, has led to the bewilderment of some during the Trump era (despite Trump’s having served as a heroic capitalist icon for hip-hop artists before his presidential election).

“Gambino-Glover’s video takes place on a soundstage. It’s an insular and patronizing location for a blackface performance that, ironically, evokes the antique graphics of the first white minstrels, such as Theodore Dartmouth (T. D.) Rice, who originated the Jim Crow figure. Scholars Eric Lott and William T. Lhamon (in their respective studies Love and Theft and Jump Jim Crow) described the history behind the Jim Crow stereotype that eventually named the period of “separate but equal” segregation, which did not end until the 1965 Civil Rights Act. 

‘This Is America’ leeches from the civil-rights past to validate today’s marketable discontent.

No matter how popular “This Is America” is for the moment, it is the work of an ideologically crippled pop star — and proof that contemporary black popular culture has a crippled sense of history.

“This Is America” leeches from the civil-rights past to validate today’s marketable discontent. It hasn’t shaken the culture the way Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” music video did when it debuted simultaneously on several TV networks in 1991, with a premiere audience estimated at 500 million. Jackson’s controversial coda, in which he morphed into a black panther to portray his personal and political rage, was a high point in black pop, as daring as anything in then-ascendant hip-hop.

Decades later, Beyoncé’s Lemonade music videos set an egregious standard of excessive cultural exploitation. Beyoncé’s pseudo-Afrocentric posturing defined how this new form of music-video minstrelsy could revive Jim Crow segregation through a pop star’s distanced emphasis on black grievance and high-art artifice. Gambino-Glover continues this artsy phase of segregation. Only black faces appear in the video until its final scene.

What does that all mean? Simply that the mixed messages in “This Is America” are superficial. They allude to race-based catastrophes without explanation, therefore without justification, … just a pop artist’s sanctimony. This spectacle of American chaos is vague and safely “radical.” Its style of eternal paranoia keeps viewers from thinking. They can, instead, fantasize that clicking on Glover’s squandering of black cultural and political history equates to a militant political act. It doesn’t. Minstrelsy. 

Feb 022019

Cory Booker said: ‘The Biggest Threat’ Is ‘Cancer’ in Our Country Trump’s ‘Caustic’ Politics Have Caused……. Really?? Are You SO BLIND that your caustic speech isn’t caustic speech and the cancer that you see isn’t cancer but free speech in action???…..Including your caustic sense of existence that has wrongly burdened only you with your grievances and blinded you to people who do not share your malevolent hatred. Booker needs to read and listen to what the president has actually said about the races and cultures… He just does because he either gets it and is lying or he don’t get it proving his intellect stops short of the top floor.   

Feb 022019


Rodger Stone who shares his surname with my mom and other relatives was just told by a judge to zip it. The judge is considering an unconstitutional gag order against Trump’s longest-serving political advisor, while Trump maintains he never spoke to Stone about Wikileaks. Trump is almost certainly a “target” of the Southern District of New York investigation into Michael Cohen.

The lessons? Never, ever trust the media, Hollywood or the spokespeople for academia because they’re such left wing Socialist Trump haters. .

Feb 022019

Dear Jake,

All the things that we’ve ever heard people say about the death of a loved one, the simple repetitive, trite adages turn out to be highly effective ways to describe my feelings. …. I still cannot believe you are gone. No matter what is going on, you never leave my mind, your always in my heart.

Inside my head your presence in my thoughts is no longer only a sadness but a complete knowing that every moment we lived together, was of great consequence. I’ve always known how remarkable our life was and since you’ve been gone it’s become more apparent how incredibly lucky we were to experience all we did together, how grateful I remain for every single moment. Not only the good times but the trials too made us who we were and taught us to endure amidst great challenges. We grew only stronger when we were together, and I’ve needed all that grit to survive losing you. Your death has been like a sky full of dark clouds, an endless rain like the tears that fall from my eyes. When I call you close in my mind I can still feel you next to me, the strength of your arms wrapped around me, Then in a moment I realize it’s my imagination and the truth that you are no longer here. 

In the hospital when the news that they could not do anything further to stop the cancer was grimly presented to us, (Jake, me and our family) it took the next few days for us to completely understand what was happening. Utterly frightening and intensely sad, everything changed, just like that.Hospice it was explained was the next step. In writing this today, a year later, it’s still a wicked blow. Once I fully grasped the situation I knew the only option was to bring you home. Here in the house you built for us, surrounded by all who love you was where you’d spend your final weeks.

We nursed you.

We loved you.

We shared many painful moments of realization but also so many of the purest expressions of love possible. It was an excruciating but beautiful goodbye. In the hour of your death we played for you your favorite song, I wonder if you heard it at all. As the playlist drifted to peaceful piano music, as sun shone the brightest golden light, the room was warm and full of broken hearted love as you breathed your very last breath…one Year ago today.

And since then gosh Jake so much has come to pass, life has continued on and still you have been part of it all as we’ve carried you with us. Your grandson Wright Archer came into the world. He may never know you in life but I promise, we all do, he’ll learn and hear all about you throughout his life. You may be gone but the memory of all you were is planted firmly in our minds and hearts and Wright too will come to love you. Our kids miss you terribly but they have all become the best humans, helping me immensely as I go. Autumn stepped out of corporate America to become a mother for awhile. Sequoya and Tommy got engaged and lil Alex ran up and down the street yelling, “their getting married”! Hunter is thriving back at college studying chemical engineering and working at the airport on weekends. My life is kind of crazy and I am trying to figure out what next. I’m still working hard and have new irons in the fire but it looks like I am going to sell the house. It’s not the same without you and overall a bigger situation than I wish to have as my reality. If you can give me guidance I need it. I am so missing you, my north star.

As we all continued to grieve you, another shot to the heart as dear Aunt Lori got very sick in late winter. By early spring we had to say goodbye to her as well. Another of our clan gone too soon. The dogs went through their own grief and Aurora rapidly declined. Sadly I had to put her down in June. Your sister and I buried her up by Nevada and Teton. If you could have witnessed us that hot summer day together digging a grave you would’ve told us to drop the shovels and pickaxes and take a seat. I know you’d have been laughing then and taken over the grim task. Turns out the hole we dug wasn’t deep enough. A week later something got into her grave. I called your buddy Steve and he came to the rescue and dug her a proper grave.

Your friends, my friends, our friends have been amazing to me offering all sorts of help this past year. Of course the family has been tremendous support. Surviving this last year without them would’ve been far more difficult. It’s crazy how many people it’s taken to do the work that only you did when you were here. You made a deep impact on this earth and you touched many hearts. It’s a comfort to me having others let me know how much they cared for you, how much they miss you. I’m not alone, though so often I do feel crazy lonely without you by my side.

I grew up with you and learned how to be an adult, a parent, a photographer and a business owner all with you by my side enabling me to be my best. Everywhere I go now, I go on my own and it’s taken a lot to get used to things this way. I am finally at a place where I accept the reality though at times I still don’t believe it.

You and I, you know we just about never talked of you dying. I felt if we did it might be more apt to happen. I was wrong though, it happened anyway. Even still, clinging to hope all throughout your illness was the right thing to do. It was during your final weeks when the truth was inevitable that we faced it, we knew you were dying. We held on tight, all of us, not wanting to let go, but you did. I remember one day when you could still drive, November of 2017 I think. You were at the wheel and we were heading to the hospital and you told me that if you were to die you wanted me to play Fly Me To The Moon at your funeral. We opted to celebrate your life though in a non traditional way. Everyone gathered at Chateau Peach and the kids all spoke, so very well each of them. You would have been very proud. I know you would have had tears in your eyes. I tried to share something but it was very difficult. Others too shared stories of your humor and your talent and friendship. Jake it was lovely and so moving. As the guitar strummed LisaBeth led the crowd in song and together all of us over 150 strong sang your song.

……I will always love you and I hope that somewhere, somehow you’ve found a way to play among the stars. I hope you got to fly to the moon.

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like on
Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you
Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words
In other words
I love you..

Feb 022019

Hollywood is the home of the “HATE TRUMP” movement.

From Rihanna to Axl Rose to Pharrell, Neil Young, the Estate of Prince, Adel, The Rolling Stones, R.E.M., Lil Bobbie DeNiro, Elton John, Steve Tyler, Brian May of Queen, Glenn Close The O’Jays, Spike Lee, Bruce Springsteen,… Hollywood is the center of the universe of Hate Trumpers. Add in Late Night TV, SNL, Broadway, The Cast of Hamilton, could De Niro and most of Broadway and Hollywood just go away?, 

“The entertainment press and the studio is selling the notion that ‘Black Panther’ is a grand piece of cinematic art that cannot be ignored. And this notion is being shoved down our throats and we can only smile in disbelief. Or perhaps understand that this is just the moment we’re trapped in. A joke, a hoax. It’s all fake news, folks,” Bret Ellis said. Who is he? ??

The WRAP reported: “He said the Oscars are a good indication of how Hollywood views itself, whether or not voters choose the the best films.


“False representation means a false or wrongful representation regarding a material fact with the knowledge or belief of its inaccuracy in a movie especially regarding Diversity and Multiculturalism which are designed to minimize white folks or by concealing or not disclosing misleading facts and can form the basis for an equitable estoppel.

“Representation is so important to Hollywood elites who force into movies a huge fatuous inclusivity and diversity push. “Yes, this is the culture the Oscars are pushing, and it is rather nauseating,” said Bret Ellis.