Feb 012019

Just Stop It !!!

They have you in their criminal clutches… Just watch what the deep state and the Liberals are doing to president Trump. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin does less to the people of Russia. The Left doesn’t want Trump to talk with Putin because Trump may find out Putin is more of a friend to Trump than the Deep State..

Remember Prohibition? the Volstead Act was repealed so why does government still have total and complete dominion over alcohol? It’s worse than ever. You cannot buy a tiny bit of alcohol without the Deep State taking money from you. Government doesn’t care about the color of your skin. It only cares how productive you are because you are working for them. Even president Trump, bless him forever, is under the control of the Deep State as well as FAKE NEWS. .   

Feb 012019

I bid on a watch that turned out to be counterfeit. I bid on a vacuum cleaner that the seller collected for yet refused to return the money.. Ebay refused to return the money they collected and banned me, not the crooks. Ebay has a conflict resolution center that is a blind alley with no way out.  Caveat Emptor with the criminals who are helped along by Ebay. Why does Ebay support the sellers but punish the buyers? Why does a pawn shop accept stolen goods from criminals?   

Feb 012019

As if there were an insufficient number of stupid people walking around, marijuana use makes it worse and government makes it worse yet.

Tetra-hydro-cannabinol aka. THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana. It is a mind altering chemical. You would have to be stupid to ingest it. There is no need for government to get involved with marijuana anymore than there is for government to get involved with alcohol. Government gets involved so they can profit from both THC and alcohol. Individuals can decide on their own what they should ingest. Tattoos prove the people can decide on their own how intelligent or stupid they should be. Some adore tattoos, others despise them. It’s up to them to show their intelligence to others. Sometimes a tattoo is a warning not to mess with it’s wearer.  

A gun is an inert mechanism yet it is also regulated and taxed supposedly as the way to prevent it’s wrongful use yet crime continues and so does it’s partner, the government.

Is there anything worse than BATF? Yes, the IRS and as we see with president Trump who was investigated and condemned by the FBI, the KGB, Robert Mueller, the CIA, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and the previous president, (may his dreadful name be nevermore used)  all of whom were out to arrest and stop Donald J. Trump who well may be the last free president of America.  . 

Feb 012019

Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that said George Carlin. 

“Why, Sir, Sherry is dull, naturally dull; but it must have taken him a great deal of pains to become what we now see him. Such an excess of stupidity, Sir, is not in Nature.” 

Then there is willful malice which includes Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Ocasio-Cortez however is worse than both separate or together.  

Feb 012019

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said he was running for president because in the last two years under President Donald Trump’s administration there is a “cancer in many ways in our country” caused by his “caustic type of politics.” lol….loflol….

Partial transcript as follows:

GUEST HOST ANA NAVARRO: I wanted to ask you, so, the last two years under president loco have seen a spike in hate crimes, homophobia, anti-immigrant crime. Anybody that is a person of color is a target. You know, his comments haven’t helped. It creates culture wars, things like the anthem. How do we heal that? How do we move on from that? How do you propose to heal that?

BOOKER: That’s one of the calls that I feel to run right now. I feel like the strength of my economic ideas, environmental justice ideas are really strong. But look, I faced tough problems when I was managing a city in recession and we learned really early on political fights and the like I realized that what my city needed was healers, people that bring folks together. There’s an old saying if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. The biggest threat, the cancer in many ways in our country right now is a caustic type of politics that wants to pit us against each other and create the illusion of separateness. We need to put that indivisible back in this one nation under God and address the injustices in our country and tell the truth to people. And look, I think when people make a mistake, they think to be tough you need to be cruel. They think to be strong you need to be mean. Some of the strongest people I’ve ever seen are those who risk a little bit of vulnerability, who stand with unarmed love in front of dogs and fire hoses and batons. We need to reignite a sense of civic grace in our country. We need to not be so quick to judge each other and we need to begin to see that we are in this together. No matter what, we’re in this together. And so that’s what I’m going to be talking about a lot in this campaign.

He wants to abolish it in favor of something that makes Lynching a crime…. What!

Murder is a crime. Even attempting to murder is a crime. It’s a federal crime to kill someone. It’s a crime in each of the 50 states to kill someone. It’s it’s accidental the killing is called manslaughter.

This babadook is all about doubletalk by a guy who fell thru the rabbit-hole. . Calling a murder a lynching instead of a murder does what, exactly? Booker goes one more step… he wants to call murder a Hate Crime if it’s, well, it’s not explained how calling a murder a Hate Crime makes any difference. Just like Booker. 

Feb 012019

They want you to pay for their crazy ideas, ideas that will hurt Americans.  They refuse to pay 90% for their income to the government but they want others, (not themselves) to pay $9.00 out of every $10 dollars to the government. That’s theft and theft is immoral even in the primitive societies with which these bumble-brained communists support when they should be supporting Capitalism and Free Enterprise because people are entitled to keep the money they earn. 

But money is anathema in a communist state. No one needs money if the state is in charge of everything which is what people like Ocasio-Cortex and Ilian Omar want. They are hypocrites. They refuse to pay 90% of their money to government but they want you to pay that much and more if they can get away with charging you that much. 

Even worse is Omar’s defiance of freedom by urging her religion onto others. She’s anti-Christian which she proves by wearing clothes that are closer to the idea that women are less than men. She refuses to sear clothes and style her hair according to the moral principles of America. Women must be free. Both Ocasio and Omar support men being in charge of women. That’s crazy and it should be judged as crazy and immoral yet that’s what these women want for all the women of America.